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Preparing Nonprofits for Financial Sustainability & Leadership Transition – On Demand Webinar, Watch Now!

An aging Baby Boomer workforce, combined with the effects of the pandemic, means nonprofits should be evaluating their sustainability. While finances are certainly affected by these conditions, another (and perhaps longer) impact is on leadership transition. In this webinar, we help leaders and boards evaluate what to look for in a transition, assess their financial stability and enable them to have the ideas to start a transition blueprint. We identify key areas to focus on to increase sustainability, prepare for a successful transition and evaluate the financial sustainability of the organization.

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We are nonprofit CPAs who help organizations with their accounting and consulting needs.

Whether you’re helping people in need or advancing the interests of a trade or industry, your nonprofit has a cause that’s near and dear to your heart. So you work hard to bring in donations and membership dues to continue your organization’s efforts.

However, there’s a lot more than collecting money to think about when it comes to your organization’s well-being.

  • Are you accounting for the money you receive to avoid misappropriation?
  • How do you maintain and increase memberships?
  • Is your board of directors engaged in your cause by selling your message and providing oversight?
  • Do you understand (and are you in compliance with) the regulations that affect the grants you need?

These challenges might seem like distractions, but facing them is just as important as the work you do for your constituents.

Nobody understands this better than James Moore & Co.’s nonprofit CPAs and accountants, who serve nearly 300 organizations. From routine nonprofit accounting services to helping you provide training and consulting, we have the experience and knowledge to serve your industry’s needs—so that you can serve the needs of others.

While our expertise speaks for itself, it’s our commitment to client service that sets us apart. But don’t just take our word for it…

94% of our nonprofit clients are likely to recommend James Moore to their friends and colleagues.

This is according to our Net Promoter Score (NPS)—a leading indicator of customer experience and business growth recognized around the world. A score of 94 is a pretty big number as it is; when it comes to a company’s NPS, it’s world class. And given the accounting industry average of 19, we’d say that puts us in pretty good (and rare!) company.

What else did they say?

  • Over 90% of our clients surveyed consider their James Moore engagement team/primary advisor to be nonprofit industry experts
  • Respondents graded us at over 90% on their relationship with us and for our reputation
  • 100% of them are satisfied working with us

James Moore – Serving Those Who Serve Others

Nonprofit Accounting and Business Solutions

Donations and grants are your nonprofit’s lifeblood; without them, you wouldn’t be able to fulfill your mission.

This funding, however, also comes with complicated financial reporting requirements. It also means you need solid controls on how that money is spent (and by whom) to curb the possibility of mismanagement.

Ensuring that your financial statements are compliant requires a firm well versed in OMB Uniform Grant Guidance and other industry standards.

Our nonprofit CPAs have extensive experience performing standard financial audits, as well as federal and state single audits. We’ll also keep you updated on reporting changes and other accounting issues that affect your financial statements and procedures. We can even provide targeted scrutiny on specific areas of concern to reduce the risk of fraud or errors.

Have confidence that your financial reporting meets the necessary standards and regulations—so you can focus on serving the people who need you.

Your nonprofit depends on solid and consistent accounting practices. Finding qualified people for the job, however, isn’t always easy. It’s also expensive to bring them onboard, train them and pay their salary and overhead. And if you don’t have the accounting knowledge to review their work, you don’t know whether they’re doing a good job.

Our nonprofit CPAs have worked with clients in your industry ranging from small local entities to national foundations and associations. Through this experience, and by monitoring the issues and trends in nonprofit accounting, we’re in a prime position to serve you.

We can help you in whatever way fits your organization best—in-house solutions, cloud-based accounting software, payroll options, QuickBooks consulting, even entirely outsourced accounting services.

Whether you need to complement your existing financial staff or outsource your accounting completely, our nonprofit CPAscan provide a customized accounting solution that suits your needs.

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Nonprofits have unique tax needs. Your Return Form 990 provides donors and grantors important information about your programs, expenditures and compensation. It also needs to demonstrate your compliance with IRS regulations.

There’s also unrelated business income tax to consider. Nearly all transactions have alternate tax consequences, and constant changes in tax laws require your situation to be monitored throughout the year.

Our nonprofit CPAs serve the specific needs of nonprofits. This includes a dedicated Nonprofit Tax Director with years of expertise in Return Form 990, UBIT regulations and the many wrinkles of nonprofit accounting and tax planning.

We’ll time our information gathering and the preparation of your 990 so the form can be presented along with your audit results. We’ll keep communication open throughout the process via face-to-face meetings, phone calls, technology and other methods. And we’ll make sure you meet the extensive UBIT tax filing requirements.

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Your IT network is the backbone of your operations. It provides you with quick access to information, allows for timely communication and keeps your data secure.

A sound and reliable network needs a technology provider who can keep it running and safeguard it from hackers, viruses and other threats.

Our Technology Solutions Consulting department helps nonprofit entities with everything from routine troubleshooting and maintenance to long-term technology planning. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we keep up with the latest knowledge and techniques to make sure your network is operating optimally and protected from threats.

Whatever your needs, our team is ready to keep you connected.

  • Managed IT Solutions
  • Break-Fix Support
  • Security and Data Protection
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Email, Messaging & Collaboration
  • Network Planning & Design
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Human resources laws and trends are constantly changing, making it a challenge to keep a compliant and productive workplace. And with an increasing need for the services you provide, you face an increasing need for qualified employees.

Many nonprofits are turning to outsourced human resources service providers to address these issues. From recruiting and retention to long-term personnel planning, external HR consulting can help you keep up with regulations and fill vacancies quickly.

Our HR Solutions team brings decades of combined human resources experience to the table. And our partnership with HKP, a national workforce management company, puts even more knowledge to work for you.

We’ll show you how to stay in compliance with employment regulations and protect your organization from costly penalties.  We can also help you find and retain qualified personnel so you can serve your community. From a one-time consult to a consistent HR presence, we have a solution for every nonprofit.

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Your nonprofit’s performance depends on more than the funds you raise. You also need to track the money you receive, understand the regulations affecting your organization, maintain and increase memberships, and engage your staff and board of directors in your cause.

Serving your constituents while tackling these responsibilities (and with a limited budget) is a challenge unto itself. When you couple that restrictive environment with redundant processes, wasted efforts and lack of quality control, it can cost you time and money.

Streamlining and properly managing your nonprofit’s operations allows you to better utilize your resources so you can successfully serve your constituents.

As a nonprofit CPA firm, we understand your operations and challenges. Our Operational Excellence team applies Lean Six Sigma principles to analyze your processes and develop sustainable solutions that work for you. Find and fix the inefficiencies in your procedures so you can do more with less.

The success of your nonprofit depends on more than getting funding and carrying out daily operations. There’s a future to consider as well. What are your long-term goals? Will your organization still be viable five or ten years from now? Will you grow your organization to serve more people?

Setting and achieving these goals doesn’t just happen; it requires a plan that includes objectives, implementation steps and methods to track progress. You also need to keep an eye on regulations and issues that affect your cause.

As a nonprofit CPA firm, we’ll put our knowledge to work for you so you can create a solid plan for your organization’s future. After helping more than 250 nonprofits with accounting, tax, audit, HR, technology and other services, we can provide you with an experienced perspective.

With James Moore, you’ll have the information you need to make sound decisions and ensure the long-term stability of your nonprofit.

Do you have an up-and-coming staffer that you envision as a future leader in your nonprofit? Have you recently taken such a position yourself and wonder what to do next? And how do you handle the transition when one person steps aside for the next?

To guide your organization in the years to come, your future leaders need skills in operations, finance, leadership, communication, strategy and process improvement.

Our training and development programs gives people the tools they need to ultimately take the reins. We also help our nonprofit clients analyze and fill knowledge gaps between leadership and immediate successors and provide coaching to these individuals throughout the transition.

By teaming with partners like Velocity Advisory Group and area business and community leaders, we provide the most thorough and practical instruction for you and your nonprofit. Where do you need help?

How can our unique approach help you?

Contact us today to see what we can do for your nonprofit.

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Founded by James Moore & Co. in 2002, SNAP helps nonprofit organizations manage and govern more effectively by offering free training, information and resources to nonprofit executives, staff, and board members in the Tallahassee/Big Bend and Volusia/Flagler County regions.

Membership in SNAP is free and open to all nonprofit organizations. Membership provides the opportunity to get and stay ahead in a competitive environment. Benefits for membership include the training sessions, quarterly newsletter, networking opportunities, links to members’ web pages, and other valuable resources.

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Upcoming SNAP Events

SNAP – Getting to YES! Asking for Gifts During COVID-19

In the wake of COVID-19, nonprofits are re-examining their fundraising plans and strategies to sustain their mission. Despite the challenges, people are still giving—and savvy nonprofits must keep asking.

Check out our recording from a recent “virtual” SNAP event as Alyce Lee Stansbury, CFRE, fundraising expert and frequent SNAP presenter, gave a lively presentation on effective ways to refocus fundraising plans, replacing special event revenue, and maintaining donor support.

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James Moore has performed our external audit, prepared our financial statements, OMB A-133, and 990 Tax return since 2010. Our Health Center has faced economic and growth challenges and James Moore has met our needs in a professional manner. James Moore has been selected twice in our RFP process, and they have been extremely flexible in scheduling our interim and final audit field work…We have found James Moore to be professional, fast, efficient, trustworthy and most importantly, cost effective.

Richard Horn, Chief Financial Officer (former), Heart of Florida Health Center

We have been very pleased with the [James Moore & Co.’s] service. Their staff has extensive experience with the federal grants and programs we operate, and they have been dedicated to making sure our audit runs smoothly and efficiently, beginning with the transition from our previous auditor and continuing to this day. We have had no complaints. I would highly recommend James Moore & Company.

Matthew Salera, Chief Financial Officer, CareerSource Capital Region

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