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Collegiate Athletics CPAs

We Know What It Takes to Win

Our clients hail from athletic conferences across the nation:

We help NCAA DI and DII athletic departments across the country with their compliance, accounting and consulting needs.

Recruit the best athletes.
Stay within budget.
Cut costs.
Remain in compliance.
Generate more revenue.

The demands on your athletic department are higher than ever. Thankfully, we know what it takes to meet them.

At James Moore & Co., we’ve helped NCAA collegiate athletic departments nationwide strengthen management controls, balance budgets, stay in compliance with NCAA requirements and find new sources of revenue. And through our participation the Collegiate Athletic Business Management Association (CABMA), the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) and other industry organizations, we keep up with industry trends and changing regulations and requirements to help you stay ahead and stay compliant.

Our collegiate athletic CPAs and consultants have worked with over 15 athletic departments across the country, making us the CPA and consulting firm of choice for organizations within your industry.

The CPAs at James Moore provide a working relationship that is professional, positive and honest. Their collaboration and team support are outstanding. Their ease of communication and responsiveness to our questions was a reflection that they are never out of reach even though they are located thousands of miles away. They had the expertise to truly understand the concerns and needs we have as an athletic department. 

-Becky Lucke, Assistant Athletics Director, Finance, University of North Dakota

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Could Your Athletic Department Use an Extra $300,000?

Do you have fear of missing out on revenue for your athletic department? We understand your FOMO. Our knowledge, commitment and service offerings run deep. It is our aim to give you peace of mind that yields positive results you’ll feel for years to come. See how we helped a major D1 university find a quarter of a million dollars in uncollected booster contributions! And, find out how one wrong number in a calculation makes a big difference in grants-in-aid revenue distribution.

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James Moore & Co. – We’re the Team Behind Your Team

Collegiate Athletic Accounting and Business Solutions

In an NCAA agreed-upon procedures engagement, we’ll evaluate your Statement of Revenues and Expenses, and your control environment, to make sure they’re in compliance with NCAA bylaws. We can also spot the red flags that catch the NCAA’s attention-a critical aspect in this age of compliance.

Our collegiate athletics accountants focus exclusively on clients like you. They also regularly brush up their industry knowledge and maintain relationships with the NCAA and other organizations. From entrance conference to the presentation of our findings, put our expertise to work for you.

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Your athletic department’s financial statements are a testament to its stability and outlook, and they play a critical role when making important business decisions. So it’s important to ensure that your accounting practices are in line with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Audits and other assurance services provide comfort to your board and other outside parties that your financial records are compliant and your procedures are sound. The key is to have them performed by accountants who know your industry.

Our collegiate athletics CPAs work extensively on college- and university-related audit engagements across the country. We’re also actively involved in the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) and the College Athletic Business Management Association (CABMA) to stay ahead of current developments and the highest standards in the higher education industry.

We bring this expertise to your audit to make sure it’s conducted with the efficiency, professionalism and attention that you deserve.

Your Return Form 990 provides donors and grantors important information about your programs, expenditures and compensation. It also needs to demonstrate your compliance with IRS regulations.

You also have unrelated business income tax to consider. Merchandise sales, membership benefits, sponsorships and more can have alternate tax consequences, and constant changes in tax laws require your situation to be monitored throughout the year.

Our collegiate athletics tax professionals serve these and other unique needs. This includes a dedicated Nonprofit Tax Director with years of expertise in Return Form 990, UBIT regulations and the many wrinkles of nonprofit accounting and tax planning.

We’ll time our information gathering and the preparation of your 990 so the form can be presented along with your audit results. We’ll keep communication open throughout the process via face-to-face meetings, phone calls, technology and other methods. And we’ll make sure you meet the extensive UBIT tax filing requirements facing your industry.

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Is something about your department’s finances keeping you up at night? Maybe you’re concerned about expenditures, or you’ve noticed documentation missing from some of your files. Perhaps you’re concerned about lost revenue due to gaps in your processes, inefficient operations or even theft.

Peace of Mind services provide a closer look at select areas of concern without the sweeping examination of an audit, but more customized than an NCAA agreed-upon procedures. We’ll monitor the areas you request, provide recommendations for checks and balances on your processes, and focus on your needs and the aspects most susceptible to fraud or error.

As collegiate athletics CPAs, we know even the most subtle red flags that can signal an issue in your accounting. By putting our experience to work in finding them, you can have peace of mind over your concerns and develop solid financial practices in your department.

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It seems like every day we hear another troubling story about college sports. The environment is rapidly changing, with more compliance measures than ever and higher stakes when NCAA rules are violated. How can you protect your department and athletes from becoming another negative headline?

The key is to proactively identify the risks that impact your athletic department, address them and monitor them for changes. By remaining vigilant and building awareness, you can stay ahead of the issues. This is where robust risk management procedures will make a difference.

Our program risk management team will collaborate with your athletics department to evaluate and prioritize your unique risks compared to our knowledge of the industry. We will help you align your department’s resources to effectively manage high-risk areas that need the most attention while remaining flexible to respond to new risks as they come to light.

Your department’s performance depends on more than the funds you raise. You also need to track the money you receive, understand the regulations affecting your organization, and attract and retain top athletes to build your programs.

Tackling these responsibilities is a challenge unto itself. When you couple that with redundant processes, wasted efforts and lack of quality control, it can cost you time and money.

Streamlining and properly managing your athletic department’s operations allows you to better utilize your resources so you can successfully serve your student athletes, alumni and donors.

As collegiate athletics CPAs, we understand your operations and challenges. Our Operational Excellence team applies Lean Six Sigma principles to analyze your processes and develop sustainable solutions that work for you. Find and fix the inefficiencies in your procedures so you can do more with less.

Have you considered the future of your collegiate athletic department? How will you build and maintain sustainable programs? Do you have a plan to attract more big donors? Who will lead your efforts in the coming years, and how will they know what to do?

Setting and achieving long-term goals like these doesn’t just happen; it requires a plan that includes objectives, implementation steps and methods to track progress. You also need to identify future leaders in your organization and develop their skills and knowledge.

We’ll put our expertise to work for you so you can create a solid plan. Having worked with collegiate athletics departments across the country, we can provide you with an experienced perspective on your future. And our leadership development programs give your future leaders the tools they need to someday take the reins.

With James Moore, you’ll have the information you need to make sound decisions and ensure the long-term success of your department.

Have you considered hosting an off-site meeting with others within your department or across your campus? Would you enjoy the opportunity to brainstorm and share ideas with your peers at other schools? Does the thought of an off-site meeting feel overwhelming or impossible because everyone is always so busy?

Planning an off-site meeting is a challenge unto itself. When you couple that with an ineffective agenda or unengaged participants, it can feel like a complete waste of time.

Our fun and caring facilitators know the business of collegiate athletics, and we love being part of your meaningful conversations. We’ll custom design a highly focused agenda, facilitate interactive discussions on important topics, share our deep knowledge of industry trends and best practices, and ensure your dialogue translates into a tangible outcome.  When you step out of the day-to-day hustle, let us do the busy work so that you can focus on what matters.

Athletics finance officers want to effectively translate financial data into meaningful context that helps athletic directors drive long-term strategic decision making. Yet there are flaws in the financial reporting model that the press uses to write negative stories-and people believe the news they read.

We understand your frustration. You should be able to tell your financial story with a strategic, proactive and positive narrative about the past, present and future of your athletics program.

Our collegiate athletics team can help you put color around the numbers. Whether it’s to proactively get ahead of a media story or help your internal stakeholders better understand your financial position, we will work with you to help paint your complete financial picture.

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See What Our Clients Have To Say

I first worked with James Moore at another university. When I took my current position with San Jose State, I saw that our athletic department used a national accounting firm-at which time I said that we need to hire James Moore instead for our NCAA agreed-upon procedures. By far, they know more about this type of engagement, NCAA reporting requirements, and the collegiate athletics industry in general. We trust the expertise they bring to the table, and their service is top notch.

Jeff Pritsker, Assistant Athletics Director, San Jose State University

Our relationship with James Moore goes far beyond a traditional auditor/client model. They provide consistent, honest feedback to us and are a valuable resource. Their understanding of the intercollegiate athletic industry allows us to have meaningful dialogue about issues affecting our organization.

Mike Bobinski, Director of Athletics (former), Georgia Tech

James Moore consistently staff their engagement team with professional, courteous people who have a strong knowledge of intercollegiate athletics. They are a pleasure to work with and provide us with an exceptionally high level of service.

Jeremy Foley, Athletics Director (former), University of Florida

We selected James Moore because of their expertise in and knowledge of our industry. They have an expertise in Intercollegiate Athletics and the Agreed-Upon Procedures that is not found when using local firms. This allowed us to choose a firm that is truly qualified to do the work regardless of distance, and we appreciate their ability to serve us in a virtual capacity year-round. Even though they’re located across the country from our campus, we value the relationships we have built with them and the quality service they provide to us. Their auditors are professional, thorough, and courteous, and they never hesitate to help us whenever we need them.

Debra Boughton, Chief of Staff, Northern Illinois University Athletics

Due to our extensive audit and tax needs at the University of Florida, we have both national and regional firms working on our engagements. And I can say with confidence that James Moore’s knowledge and understanding of the collegiate athletics realm easily matches up with what we’ve found with the biggest national firms. They’re well known throughout the country in our industry, and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire them again.

Melissa Stuckey, Associate Athletics Director, CFO, University Athletic Association (University of Florida)

James Moore performed our NCAA agreed-upon procedures services during my tenure at Florida State University. Because they’re so involved in NCAA athletics, they understood our concerns as an athletic department and knew exactly where to focus while they worked on our engagement. They were thorough, efficient, courteous and professional. I highly recommend them to any athletic association.

Matt Behnke, Chief Financial Officer, Florida State University Department of Athletics

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