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Operational Excellence

Improve your performance from within.

Is your organization a well-oiled machine?

Whether your priority is making money, helping your community or educating the leaders of tomorrow, your organization’s success depends upon processes that run smoothly and efficiently. Redundancy, wasted efforts and lack of quality control in your operations lead to additional work and more money spent to fix issues.

If you’re having trouble fulfilling your obligations or staying competitive, it might be a time to take a closer look at your processes. Inefficiencies and incorrect procedures can easily gum up the works. Streamlining and properly managing your operations allows you to better utilize your resources and save money.

Time for a Tune-Up!

Our Operational Excellence services help you improve operations through Lean Six Sigma methodologies. By increasing the efficiency, consistency and productivity of your processes, you can better serve your customers and boost your bottom line.

Clients throughout Florida have seen reduced costs, higher quality and increased employee morale thanks to James Moore’s Operational Excellence team. Our Lean Six Sigma-certified professionals will evaluate your operations and provide recommendations to refine them. We can help you implement the changes if you choose, and we can even train your personnel in LSS to make your results last.

Contact James Moore to see how you can get rid of the wrenches in your works and improve your performance from within.

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See What Our Clients Have To Say

…I’m so glad we took the time and expended the energy to employ Lean Six Sigma. It was and will make a difference in our organization…I am high on Lean Six Sigma and very high on the James Moore staff. Katie Davis is fantastic. She amazed us, and added value that I found to be priceless.

Rory Causseaux, Managing Principal, CHW

I have been working with (James Moore) as our consultant on our efficiency project. (Mike Sibley and Katie Davis) have been very proactive in everything they do, and have such great ideas they are always willing to share with us. Our team is a group of ten very opinionated and energetic individuals and they have been very professional in their approach to keep us on track and moving in the right direction.

Kelly Murphy, CPA, Shareholder, Weistein Spira & Company

…Mike Sibley and Katie Davis did a great job on the Lean Six Sigma Project. They were very professional, knowledgeable, and personable…Mike and Katie achieved complete buy-in from the team and were very instrumental in the acceptance by our partners.

James Warmus, CPA, WithumSmith+ Brown (Formerly Averett Warmus Durkee)

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Mike Sibley, CPA, LSS Black BeltPartner
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Katie Davis, CPA, LSS CertifiedPartner

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