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Dental CPAs

Your Bridge to Financial Success 

James Moore Dental Industry Overview

The needs of Dental and other Health Care providers go beyond financial statement preparation, tax planning and compliance. So we provide solutions that go beyond what a traditional CPA offers. Watch our video to learn more about our healthcare solutions.

We are dental CPAs in Florida who help practices with their business and accounting needs.

Dentists today face a host of financial challenges and pressures, most of which exist despite economic upturns or downturns.

  • Constant evaluation of the cost vs. benefit of new technological developments
  • Increased cost of treatments and equipment
  • Fewer employer-sponsored dental insurance plans

Many of your tough problems are also unique to your industry. So they require specific, customizable solutions to help your practice grow and prosper.

James Moore & Co.’s dental CPAs are located throughout Florida who have the knowledge and resources to assist you in meeting the demands of your industry. We work closely with dentists and their practices to help them make smart business decisions while also providing cost-efficient solutions that help improve profitability and maximize resources.

James Moore – For a Future as Bright as Your Patients’ Smiles

Dental Accounting and Business Solutions

Tax planning can be complicated for dental clinics thanks to endless tax codes, regulations and stipulations—not to mention how intertwined your business taxes are with your individual return.

Hidden among these complexities are ways to improve your bottom line while reducing your business and personal tax obligations. All you need is an expert to help you find them.

Selecting the best entity structure for your practice, maximizing business deductions, minimizing the tax consequences of business acquisitions or sales… these and other options can help you keep more of your hard-earned revenues. A creative tax strategy looks at these possibilities and leverages them to your advantage.

Our dental tax professionals understand not only the ins and outs of general tax strategy, but also the needs of your industry and the resources available to you. We’ll help you with the complex issues you face and devise a solution that works for your practice, your employees and your family.

A key to your dental practice’s financial foundation is its revenue cycle—the administrative and clinical functions that work together to take in revenue. If this complex network of processes isn’t streamlined, it can result in denied claims and uncollected patient payments.

By reviewing your procedures and fixing gaps and inefficiencies, you can stop the bleeding of lost revenue.

James Moore adds a new dimension to traditional ac­counting services with Revenue Cycle Enhancement (RCE) services, our process improvement solutions that focus on increasing your practice’s profitability and performance from scheduling to collections. The dental CPAs on our RCE team are firmly entrenched in the dental care industry, so they’re well aware of the challeng­es you face in maintaining and increasing revenues.

We’ll blend your EHR technology with Operational Excellence services to improve your practice’s revenue cycle performance—enhancing your net revenue, reducing costs and increasing overall efficiency and profitability.

Your dental practice is a place where smiles are made brighter, but it’s also a business that supports you and those who work for you. So it’s important to maintain good accounting practices.

Finding qualified people, however, isn’t always easy. It also creates more expenses to bring them onboard, train them and pay their salary and overhead. And if you don’t have the accounting knowledge to review their work, you don’t know whether they’re doing a good job—or worse, you run the risk of fraud.

As a dental CPA firm, James Moore has worked with clients in your industry from small practices to large institutions. Through this experience and by monitoring the issues and trends in dental accounting, we’re in a prime position to serve you.

We can help you in whatever way fits your practice best—in-house solutions, cloud-based accounting software, payroll options, QuickBooks consulting, compiled financial statements, and even entirely outsourced accounting services.

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Is something about your practice’s finances keeping you up at night? Maybe you’re concerned about your bank reconciliations, or you’ve noticed documentation missing from some of your files. Perhaps checks are being cut for a vendor you’ve never seen, or multiple checks are going to the same vendor or employee.

Peace of Mind services provide a closer look at select areas of concern without the sweeping examination of an audit, compilation or review. We’ll monitor the areas you request, place checks and balances on your processes, and focus on your needs and the aspects most susceptible to fraud or error.

As dental CPAs, we know even the most subtle red flags that can signal an issue in your accounting. By putting our experience to work in finding them, you can have peace of mind over your concerns and develop solid financial practices in your practice.

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The complexity of practice operations—especially those with multiple locations—means that you have some unique HR concerns. How do you find qualified employees? What is the best way to enforce office policies? How do you meet the requirements of the ACA? How do you compensate practitioners who travel to treat patients or to work at other offices?  Can you provide a retirement plan for your staff?

Many practices are turning to outsourced human resources service providers to address these issues. From hiring and retaining employees to developing practice policies, external HR consulting can help you with these and other issues.

Our HR Solutions team brings decades of combined human resources experience to the table. And our partnerships with HKP and HKFS, affiliated national workforce and financial services companies, put even more knowledge of human resources, retirement plans, payroll and more to work for you.

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Your IT network is the backbone of your practice’s operations. It helps you manage appointments and patient files, perform coding and billing functions and keep electronic personal health information (ePHI) safe and secure.

A sound and reliable network needs a technology provider who can keep it running reliably and maintain compliance with strict HIPAA regulations on patient data privacy.

Our Technology Solutions Consulting department helps medical practices, hospitals and healthcare-related nonprofits with everything from routine troubleshooting and maintenance to long-term technology planning. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we keep up with the latest knowledge and techniques to make sure your network is operating optimally and protected from threats.

Whatever your needs, our team is ready to keep you connected and secure.

  • Managed IT Solutions
  • HIPAA Risk Assessments
  • Break-Fix Support
  • Security and Data Protection
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Email, Messaging & Collaboration
  • Network Planning & Design
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Managing investments, retirement and taxes can be so confusing and overwhelming that some people choose to just not think about it. That might be easier in the short term, but it won’t get you any closer to meeting your financial goals.

The best way to promote a healthy financial future for you is to work with an advisor who understands the treatment for it.

Our dental CPAs understand not only your industry, but your goals as well. From advising you on your personal portfolio to helping you obtain buy-sell insurance for the sale of your practice, we have the accounting knowledge to make those goals a reality.

We also partner with HK Financial Services, a national wealth management company that specializes in jointly serving accounting firm clients. Together, we provide the experience, knowledge and connections you need to make sense of the details and achieve your financial dreams.

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