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We provide business advisory and consulting services to business and organizations across the country.

There’s more to your organization’s financial success than sound balance sheets and clean audits. Businesses and other entities experience growth, operate in a dynamic marketplace, deal with ever-evolving regulations and face changes in leadership throughout their lifetimes.

It’s easy to overlook this big picture, but planning for these developments is just as important as your day-to-day financial activities. Doing so requires abilities and insight that only time and experience can give. Thankfully, you have James Moore & Co. in your corner.

We’re more than CPAs.

At James Moore, our contributions to your success can go far beyond your routine accounting and financial reporting needs. With decades of experience helping businesses and organizations of all sizes, our team has the knowledge you need as your entity goes through the many stages of its journey.

We provide a variety of business advisory and consulting services to help you adjust to changing times, competitive markets and shifts in leadership. It’s part of our commitment to go beyond the role of traditional CPA and become a partner you can trust for the overall health of your organization.

Business Advisory and Consulting Services

Make sense of the Affordable Care Act, track the changes that could be on the horizon, and make sure you’re in compliance.

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Get a real-world estimate of your business’s value for mergers/acquisitions, estate planning, succession, litigation and more.

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Get an experienced point of view to help you make the financial decisions that shape your company’s future.

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Make sure you know everything possible about a business sale or merger before the transaction is complete.

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Improve your operations and grow your bottom line by redirecting your resources to the things that matter most.

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Find lost revenue and increase your bottom line by optimizing your scheduling, billing and collections processes.

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Develop a plan that prepares your organization’s leadership and outlines the steps to take when you step down from or sell your business.

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Mike Sibley, CPA, LSS Black BeltPartner
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