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Estate Planning Services

Planning for your future… and theirs.

Estate Planning

You spend your life building your legacy – one that you’d like to see passed down to the next generation of your loved ones when the time comes. So it’s important to safeguard that legacy from excessive taxes, legal entanglements and other complications.

This is estate planning. And it doesn’t have to wait, even if retirement, remarriage or other later-in-life changes aren’t in sight for you just yet. An outdated trust or unresolved issues can make a sensitive time even more difficult.

By starting now, you can relax knowing that the details are ironed out and your family is in good hands.

Efficiency… and Empathy

At James Moore, we understand that estate planning isn’t just about dividing assets. It’s about understanding your life and your relationships with loved ones. Through the long-term relationship your CPA develops with you, we can better understand the nuances of your family dynamics – allowing us to balance the emotions at hand with the complexities of tax laws, business valuations, strengths and weaknesses of your beneficiaries, and other important details.

The CPA professionals at James Moore have helped families make sense of estate planning since 1964. We work with your financial advisory, attorney and other professionals by contributing our expertise in the constantly-changing tax codes, valuation discounts, credits, deductions and more. With this team approach, we’ll help you get – and give – the most out of your estate.

Be it your home, your business, investments or other assets, we’ll ensure that your legacy is handled as you and your family wish.

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