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Hello! We're Mike and Carrie from the James Moore Manufacturing Services team. While we're both accountants, we also have a passion for the work manufacturers do – so much so that we've shaped our careers around it. From focusing on clients like you to being involved with industry organizations, we've immersed ourselves in the business of manufacturing.

One thing we've noticed above all else? We truly enjoy talking with you! One of our favorite parts of our job is spending time with you at your offices, warehouses and community events, because that's how we get to know you and find new ways to help. In fact, some of our best ideas to serve the manufacturing industry come from these casual discussions.

So we figured...why not continue the conversation?

Introducing Moore on Manufacturing

A monthly video series and podcast discussing the latest in manufacturing!

We'll cover the topics that impact your business the most: year-end tax planning, effects of the current economy, improving operational efficiencies, IT and human resources concerns, and more.

Join us on the 1st Tuesday of every month at noon EST as we chat about the issues that affect you and your company. (Or tune in on your own schedule to watch or listen on demand). These aren't your typical, lengthy webinar-style videos; we know you've got a lot on your plate. It's just us – and usually a guest or two – shooting the breeze and sharing knowledge to help you and your bottom line.

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Videos and Podcasts Premiere the 1st Tuesday of the month at noon EST and are available on demand after the premiere.

The State of Manufacturing

Moore on Manufacturing: The State of Manufacturing 2021

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Who are we?

At James Moore, we're passionate about many things. The success of your manufacturing company is at the top of that list. That's why we have a team of CPAs and consultants who are experts in your industry. It's our aim to partner with you to find the right solutions that will yield positive results you'll feel for years.

At James Moore, we're dedicated to manufacturing. Just like you.

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