Accounting and Controllership for Your Nonprofit

Limited funding, inconsistent revenues, proper treatment of donations, the potential for fraud…

There’s a lot keeping you up at night when it comes to your nonprofit’s finances. But finding people who can handle your unique accounting challenges (and doing so on a limited budget) is tough at best. Throw in the pressures of fulfilling your mission—the reason you exist in the first place—and no wonder you’re losing sleep.

You need help. REAL help. Experienced, knowledgeable help with nonprofit accounting, grant requirements, proper financial reporting and all those things keeping you from counting your Zs.

So rest easy—we got this.

Why outsource your accounting?

Outsourced accounting solutions are increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. Taking some or all of your accounting work off your plate yields benefits any nonprofit can appreciate!

Hard-to-find nonprofit expertise

No more "accountant wanted" ads for you!

Freedom for you!

Focus on your mission—not your accounting.

A customizable solution

Choose the services that suit your organization.

No interruptions in service

Your provider makes sure the work gets done.

Up-to-date information

An outsourced firm stays top of regulations.

Why outsource with James Moore & Co.?

With nearly 60 years of experience in nonprofit accounting matters, James Moore has the knowledge to address your concerns. So we’ve learned a thing or two about maximizing your budget, properly recording your grants, spotting fraud, planning for the future and protecting your organization.

And this niche requires unique understanding. Our decades of work in your industry covers every aspect of your accounting. We also keep up with new regulations and available funding (and guidance on using it) to ensure top service.

What do we offer?

Whether a little help is needed or a lot, James Moore’s outsourced accounting solutions best suit the needs of nonprofits that are mid-sized or larger.

While our solutions are customizable, they generally fall into one of three categories. (But don’t let that limit you. Some of our clients use a combination of categories—whatever works for your nonprofit!)

Icon of a finger poking a ripple.

À La Carte

À La Carte

Are you processing your own checks but overwhelmed by other accounting functions? Or perhaps you just need some help here and there? Pick and choose the services you need.

Icon of two individuals holding hands.

Fully Outsourced Accounting

Fully Outsourced Accounting

Would you rather just let us handle everything? Our fully outsourced solution tackles all of your accounting functions so your staff can focus solely on your nonprofit’s mission.

An icon of a presentation board.

CFO Services

CFO Services

Do you need high-level consulting and strategy assistance? CFO services provides a bank of hours you can use for long-term strategic planning, budgeting, board training and more.

So what exactly can we do for you? As it turns out… a lot. Check out our list of services.*

  • Bank reconciliations
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Journal entries
  • Credit card reconciliation
  • Month-end close
  • AP/AR processing
  • Check cutting
  • Budgeting
  • Audit Preparation
  • Cost Allocation Plan Review
  • Federal Indirect Cost Rate Assistance
  • Strategy and planning
  • Board presentations
  • Board training
  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • Accounting department optimization
  • Internal controls review
  • Cash flow forecasting

* = Some services not available for every solution category. Please see your CPA for details.

Seeing is Believing

From client testimonials to case studies, see how our services—and our people—have made a difference.

Case Studies

A woman is sitting a computer desk next to a large stack of documents. She has a lap top computer open on the desk and is looking at the computer screen while typing.

Read about our efforts to help one client catch up reconciliations that hadn't been done for a year.

Two business persons are sitting at a table and pointing toward an open laptop computer. There are documents, graphs, and a calculator on the table. The laptop screen is also showing a graph.

See how we helped a transportation-based nonprofit get their FDOT grant reimbursements more quickly.

Two people are sitting at a desk for an interview and are shaking shaking hands across the desk. There is a computer and resume on the desk.

Learn how we recovered $100,000 in grant money for one client by getting them a higher indirect cost rate.


Knowing is Growing

Got a question about what we do? Check out or FAQ—the answer might be here!

What kind of software do you work with?

We currently support QuickBooks, Sage Intacct and Abila MIP.

Do you work with clients remotely?

Absolutely! We serve clients throughout Florida and the United States, and we’d be pretty tired if we went to each and every one. Whether you're across the street or across the country, we can help your nonprofit.

What are your fees?

Because our services are customized for each client, there’s no one-size-fits-all pricing structure. That said, our minimum fees are $1,000/month for new clients. This rate increases based on the complexity of your accounting, number of bank and credit card accounts, etc. For an accurate estimate of monthly costs for your situation, connect with an advisor to speak more about your specific situation.

Can you help us with our IRS Form 990?

We can! In addition to our outsourced accounting services, we help with a variety of tax concerns and tasks. This includes preparing and filing your Form 990, helping you retain your tax-exempt status and navigating unrelated business income (UBI).

What other nonprofit services do you offer?

You’re probably aware that we perform federal and single audits for nonprofit clients. However, we also provide consulting services and solutions in human resources, IT/cybersecurity, data analytics, transition planning and so much more. And we’re a great resource for nonprofit board training!

Do you present financial statements to boards?

Yes, we do! Boards have a fiduciary duty for the nonprofits they serve. They need to understand how to read and comprehend financials so they can assist in wise decisions and strategic planning.

An auditor reviews documents in a binder with a magnifying glass.

Sharing is Caring

Fostering success is about more than client service—check out our free educational resources! We’ve got articles, videos, whitepapers and more, all designed to help your nonprofit thrive.


A business person is signing a paper and sitting across from someone else in a business suit. Both of them have laptop computers open. The person across the table is pointing at the paper.

Serenity Now: Leveraging Outsourced Accounting at Your Nonprofit

With an outsourced accounting firm handling your financial operations, you can focus more energy on your nonprofit’s mission.

A person is holding a jar with a small amount of cash inside.

Nonprofit Budgeting: Getting it Right From the Start

Get a sweeping overview of the budgeting process, from creation and getting buy-in to implementation and revisions to accommodate change.

A close up view of an office worker receiving their salary from their boss.

Shoring Up Financial Stability: The Basics of Your Nonprofit’s Financial Statements

Even if you’re not a “finance person,” you can still have a solid basic understanding of your organization’s financial statements.

Close-up Of A Human Hand Stopping Wooden Blocks From Falling On Stacked Coins Over Desk.

Shoring Up Financial Stability: Budgeting, Internal Controls and Red Flags

This article discusses nonprofit budgeting basics, internal controls and the red flags you should know that could indicate financial trouble.

Webinars and Other Videos:

employees talking to a customer sitting at the Desk in the office.

Nonprofit Board Academy

While your board plays a vital role in the life of your nonprofit, board members aren’t always sure about their roles. Learn about the responsibilities and best practices of a properly functioning nonprofit board.

A married couple sitting on a couch negotiating a contract with another individual.

Nonprofit CEO Hot Topics

The head financial official of a nonprofit often wears many hats. We discuss the questions they deal with every day and provide tips being a good financial steward for your organization.

person being congratulated on promotion

Implementing a Cost Allocation Plan

A solid cost allocation plan is imperative to grant reporting and support for your audit. Unfortunately, many nonprofits don’t have such plan (or if they do, they don’t follow it). This can result in unsatisfactory audit results, noncompliance with grants, and inaccurate information for budgeting and grant narratives.

Worker sitting and standing together reviewing a business presentation on a laptop computer.

How Your Form 990 Can Boost Your Nonprofit’s Budget

Your IRS Form 990 isn’t just a form; it’s a window into your nonprofit’s operations. It demonstrates compliance with IRS regulations and informs the public about your programs, expenditures and compensation. This important information allows you to tell your financial story to current and potential donors — and strengthen your case for funding.

Stacy Joyner

Stacy Joyner, CPA


A certified public accountant in Florida, Stacy has been providing extensive tax advisory and compliance services to a variety of businesses and individuals for over 15 years. The leader of the firm’s Accounting & Controllership Services department, her expertise lies in small business and tax accounting, with an emphasis on the healthcare and technology industries. Her knowledge of research credits and other tax-saving opportunities for her clients make her a key member of the Technology and Healthcare Services Teams.

Stacy’s client service approach includes not only her tax and accounting expertise, but also the value she creates through collaboration. A lifelong Gainesville resident, Stacy has deep roots in the business community – allowing her to help her clients make professional connections that can help them grow and thrive.

Stacy is seen as a leader and mentor at James Moore; she enjoys serving as a career advisor and helping staff achieve their career goals. She is passionate about continuing to strengthen and foster the strong family-feel culture found at James Moore. Outside of the firm, she serves as the treasurer for the Rex and Brody Foundation and is an alumnus of Leadership Gainesville 40.

Full Profile
Tiffany Edwards

Tiffany Edwards, CPA


Tiffany joined the firm directly following graduation, serving as an auditor for five years before moving to our firm’s Accounting and Controllership Services (ACS) Department. She is responsible for developing and implementing financial policies and procedures, reviewing financial statements, board presentations of monthly financials, budget preparation, cash forecasting, and CFO consulting services. By applying her knowledge gained on both the auditing side and the ACS side, she provides perspectives from each for more thorough service to her clients.

For over 15 years, Tiffany’s primary focus has been serving our nonprofit clients. Her in-depth understanding of accounting for federal and state assistance, combined with her experience auditing similar organizations, gives her a comprehensive understanding of the financial operations of nonprofits. Tiffany is seen as a resource for organizations across Florida who reach out to her for guidance and answers to questions.

Full Profile
Corinne LaRoche

Corinne LaRoche, CPA


While Corinne serves as a trusted advisor and accountant for a variety of organizations, her heart lies in serving the needs of nonprofit organizations to address taxation issues and provide audit and assurance services as well as CFO and controllership services. Her client list includes an extensive number of entities that receive substantial federal and state assistance. She is a trusted authority on OMB Super Circular and the Florida Single Audit Act and a certified member of the AICPA’s Not-For-Profit section, making her a valuable resource to the firm and our nonprofit clients on all of their reporting, tax and business needs. As a result of this experience, she serves as an integral member of the firm’s Nonprofit Services Team.

Corinne’s experience also includes serving on local nonprofit boards. Her volunteer experience has given her a solid understanding of how nonprofits work and the challenges they face, from obtaining funding and operating with limited budgets to ensuring compliance and transparency. She uses both perspectives, as a participant and an accounting professional, to better serve her clients.

Full Profile