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You depend on your employees. Can they depend on you?

“…[James Moore] has exhibited the expertise and depth of resources to provide a quality audit in a professional and timely manner at a reasonable cost.”

-Steve Fette, Accounting Manager, UF Health

Employee Benefit Plans and 401(K) Audits

Your employee benefit plan doesn’t just attract and retain high quality personnel; it provides them with a path to a more secure financial future. They rely on you to protect the assets and financial integrity of those plans so they can be prepared for retirement.

It’s your responsibility to manage your plan and its assets, monitor service providers and make sound financial decisions. And with your employees’ futures at stake, you want to do the best you can to deliver on your promise of a viable and generous plan.

An employee benefit plan audit (commonly referred to as a 401(k) audit) provides this reassurance by validating your plan’s financial statements and assessing its operations. It also boosts the likelihood that your plan will stand up to a U.S. Department of Labor audit—a valid concern given the recent increase in the number of plans selected for federal scrutiny.

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Don’t trust your employee benefit plan or 401(k) audit to just anyone.

Here’s what we bring to the table:

What does our knowledge mean for you?

Our combination of experience and expertise means we understand employee benefit plans and how to better ensure their success. We also know the red flags that catch the DOL’s attention and can help you fix them—because the best defense against a DOL audit is to avoid one in the first place.

Make sure your benefit plan’s funds will be ready for retirement when your employees are.  Let James Moore provide peace of mind that your plan is in compliance and operating at its best.

Our EBP Services Team has experience auditing the following plan types:

  • 401(k)

  • 403(b)

  • 401(a)

  • Profit sharing plans

  • Defined benefit pension plans

  • Employee stock options plans (ESOPs)

  • Health and welfare plans

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