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Public Broadcasting 

Boost more than your signal.

We are CPAs and Accountants who help public broadcasting entities across the country with their auditing, tax, and consulting needs. 

Your mission is to educate, enlighten and inspire your community. In an industry subject to extensive regulation, however, this mission can easily become bogged down. Combine that with limited financial support, and you’re faced with some challenging questions:

  • How can you maximize the funding you receive from grants and private donations?
  • Are you correctly implementing the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) requirements for non-federal financial support?
  • Are you up to date on the latest Financial Reporting Guidelines published annually by the CPB?
  • How do other aspects of your presence (like the information on your website) affect your compliance with the Communications Act, the CPB’s General Provisions and Eligibility Criteria, and the CPB’s Financial Reporting Guidelines?
  • What are the changes required for the CPB’s new indirect administrative support (IAS) methodology, and are you calculating IAS correctly

These and other concerns can make it tough to focus on your true passion—providing valuable information and entertainment for your audience. That’s why you need more than a CPA firm; you need a public broadcasting CPA firm that knows your industry.

Whether you’re an institutional or community licensee (or a related association), our public broadcasting CPAs and accountants can help you meet industry requirements and serve your audience.

We’ll do our work…so you can do yours.

Our extensive experience in your industry gives us a solid understanding of the challenges you face and the resources at your disposal. It also means we’ve got the expertise you need regarding the many forms of assistance you receive, as well as the revenues generated by membership and underwriting, fundraising events, and capital or large donor contributions.

We’ve leveraged that knowledge to develop services tailored for stations like yours, such as:

  • Financial statement audits, including annual financial report (AFR) examinations
  • IRS Form 990 completion
  • Assurance consulting, including financial statement compilations, audit assistance and standards updates
  • Process improvement
  • Technology solutions consulting
  • Outsourced accounting
  • Human resources consulting
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