We are CPAs and Accountants who help public broadcasting entities across the country with their auditing, tax, and consulting needs.

Your mission is to educate, enlighten and inspire your community. In an industry subject to extensive regulation, however, this mission can easily become bogged down. Combine that with limited financial support, and you’re faced with some challenging questions:

  • How can you maximize the funding you receive from grants and private donations?
  • Are you correctly implementing the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) requirements for non-federal financial support?
  • Are you up to date on the latest Financial Reporting Guidelines published annually by the CPB?
  • How do other aspects of your presence (like the information on your website) affect your compliance with the Communications Act, the CPB’s General Provisions and Eligibility Criteria, and the CPB’s Financial Reporting Guidelines?
  • What are the changes required for the CPB’s new indirect administrative support (IAS) methodology, and are you calculating IAS correctly

These and other concerns can make it tough to focus on your true passion—providing valuable information and entertainment for your audience. That’s why you need more than a CPA firm; you need a public broadcasting CPA firm that knows your industry.

Whether you’re an institutional or community licensee (or a related association), our public broadcasting CPAs and accountants can help you meet industry requirements and serve your audience.

We’ll do our work…so you can do yours.

Our extensive experience in your industry gives us a solid understanding of the challenges you face and the resources at your disposal. It also means we’ve got the expertise you need regarding the many forms of assistance you receive, as well as the revenues generated by membership and underwriting, fundraising events, and capital or large donor contributions.

We’ve leveraged that knowledge to develop services tailored for stations like yours, such as:

  • Financial statement audits

    Including annual financial report (AFR) examinations

  • Assurance consulting

    including financial statement compilations, audit assistance and standards updates

Don't trust your audit and AFR examination to just anyone.

Here's what we bring to the table:

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Years of combined experience serving the public broadcasting industry.

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Our client list includes 30+ radio and TV stations from coast-to-coast, as well as some of the organizations that serve them.

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Members and supporters of professional organizations like PMBA, NETA, U:SA, and NFCB.

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Our public broadcasting CPAs and accountants participate in CPB professional training each year and regularly present to industry groups.

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We're serving states near you!

From the Carolinas to California (and beyond!), we’ve made waves in public broadcasting with the work we do for our clients and our involvement in industry groups. It’s part of why James Moore has become the go-to firm nationwide for all aspects of station accounting.

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Jane Lastinger

Jane Lastinger, CPA


Jane is a CPA with over 10 years of experience providing auditing and personalized accounting services to public broadcast TV and radio stations, higher education-related entities, nonprofits and other organizations nationwide. As a director with the firm, she monitors auditing and accounting projects and client engagements and is responsible for all phases of projects including fieldwork supervision, risk assessment evaluation, and engagement approach development.

As the firm’s Public Broadcasting Services Leader, Jane develops audit techniques and reporting best practices under Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) Financial Reporting Guidelines, serving 30+ public broadcasting stations nationwide. Through this experience, she has helped numerous public broadcasting stations remain in compliance with CPB Community Service Grants reporting requirements and helped streamline and improve their overall financial reporting process.

Jane also has experience auditing alternative investments and performing Lean Six Sigma engagements, as well as advising on areas such as nonprofit management, board development, internal controls, and segregation of duties.

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