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Business expansions. Higher net worth. Widening investment portfolios. Large real estate holdings. Wealth management considerations. They’re all hallmarks of financial growth and success. But they also have something else in common; they impact—and complicate—your tax picture.

Expect excellence.

Your tax return involves more than having your W-2 ready and filling out a few forms. It involves digging deep to find credits, deductions and other tax strategies that protect your net worth for you and your family. It involves structuring your business to maximize your personal bottom line while maintaining tax compliance and allowing for company growth. It involves uncovering ways to give charitably that benefit your community and your tax picture.

Most importantly, it involves working closely with your tax advisor. That’s where having an experienced and knowledgeable CPA really counts (pun intended). Tax laws are convoluted and constantly evolving, making your complex situation even tougher to navigate. Throw in wealth management needs, multiple K1 generation and other concerns that come with the territory, and you need help at a higher level than what an everyday CPA provides.

With decades of experience handling highly complex tax returns, the knowledge base of a regional firm and a global network of professionals we can leverage for you, James Moore has the expertise needed to help preserve your wealth. Our firm offers the wide array of services you need, from your tax return itself to long-term strategies, estate planning, gifting and more.

We also emphasize consistent communication and a lasting relationship with you to provide effective, personalized tax planning services at tax time and throughout the year. Consider us your concierge for all things financial—because that’s what you need.

Expect bold solutions. Expect a trusted advisor. Expect excellence with James Moore.

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John VanDuzer

John VanDuzer, CPA


John helps a variety of clients to achieve their long-term goals, minimize their tax burden and maximize the value of their business. As a key member of our Real Estate Services team, he has extensive knowledge and experience in the accounting and tax concerns of this industry. The Partner-in-Charge of our Ocala office, John also heads the firm’s Tax Department and leads a team of over 40 professionals in serving the firm’s business and individual tax clients.

John’s expertise spans several areas:

Real Estate Industry
Real estate development
Property management
Hotel development

Business Consulting
Succession planning
Purchase and sale transactions
Estate and gift tax planning
Like-kind exchanges

Entity structuring
Special allocations
Tiered partnerships
Profits interests

An active speaker and writer within the community, John regularly addresses topics specific to real estate development gains and losses, tax opportunities, property manager solutions, capitalization policies, and advanced tax implications specific to real estate. He is a member of the Builders Association of North Central Florida and the local chapter of the Urban Land Institute.

Full Profile