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Individual Tax Services

“Tax season” isn’t only during tax season.

Individual Tax Services

Buying a home. Receiving a large gift. Adding to your family. Aside from being milestones in life, these events also have something else in common – they impact your taxes.

That’s why your accounting firm shouldn’t treat your personal taxes like a January-April contract. At James Moore & Co., we build a deeper relationship with you, listening closely and keeping in touch with you throughout the years. Whether you’re focusing on financial growth or looking toward retirement, chances are you’ve got some changes coming. So we’re there anytime you have a new life event, need to ask a question, or simply want an ear for your concerns.

You might believe that you pay too much in taxes – and you might be right.

There are countless tax laws, and they’re always changing – sometimes at the very last minute. It’s one reason why doing your own individual tax return often doesn’t save you the most money; keeping track of all these changes is a monumental task.

For over 50 years, James Moore has provided individual tax services for individuals and families throughout Florida. Our knowledge of tax laws and regulations – and our diligence in monitoring them – helps us create for you a personalized tax strategy that avoids penalties and takes full advantage of deductions, credits and other incentives. And with the knowledge base of four offices, CPAs with decades of tax preparation experience, and a global network of professionals we can call on for additional assistance, we have the resources to provide the best in consulting and advising.

Give us a call, and see why our reputation for expertise, client service and caring relationships is well earned. We’d love to get to know you.

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