Marina Farwick

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CPA | Senior Manager

"After putting a significant amount of work into an audit, I really enjoy seeing it all come together — especially if we’ve helped a client streamline their processes or resolve issues along the way." - Marina Farwick

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A CPA with nearly ten years of experience, Marina oversees audits at James Moore from inception to completion. This includes working with clients on scheduling, creating the timeline of items needed to meet requested deadlines, performing fieldwork and supervising staff.

Marina focuses primarily on audits for government entities and nonprofit organizations. This has provided her with extensive experience in single audits and in-depth knowledge of their requirements.

Industry Expertise

No leadership positions


Master of Business Administration, University of Central Florida

Bachelor of Science in Accounting, University of Florida

Fun Facts

Marina is originally from Russia and enjoys traveling the world.

A huge Florida Gators fan, she’s a member of the Daytona Gator Club.