60th anniversary image with a James Moore logo cake with a candle on top. There is a James Moore logo honoring 60 years of business on top of pink 1960s flowery background.

Together, we are MOORE!

From the moment James Moore & Company was founded 60 years ago, we’ve looked forward — finding and seizing new opportunities, creating bold solutions and blazing a trail for our clients’ success. But our longevity isn’t just about ambition. You can be the most innovative company out there, with the smartest and most driven team available… but without stability and trust, you’ve got no staying power.

Our success has been built not just on innovation, but on a culture of service, excellence and reliability. When Jim Moore established our firm, he had more than an accounting practice in mind. He envisioned a team of trusted advisors dedicated to their clients’ long-term financial health.

Following Jim’s lead, we’ve made it a point to establish honest relationships with everyone we serve, solidifying our bonds with you through communication and reassurance that we’ll always be there for you. These relationships are what we love most about what we do, and we’re sincerely grateful to be part of your team. Without you, there is no James Moore.

As much as we’ve accomplished in our history, it’s only the beginning. So join us as we look forward to the next 60 years (and beyond!) of James Moore & Company.

So, what's next?

More of the same… and then some!

Continued emphasis on our trusted advisor role. We’re focusing on more than numbers and compliance. We want to be a true solutions provider for all things business. It’s only through this holistic approach that we can make a meaningful impact on your well-being. This model is the future of our industry — and we’re leading the way in making that happen.

Taking care of our people. We’ll continue nurturing a work culture that promotes strong internal teams and happy, productive employees. Not only is it the right thing to do, it also leads to better service for you. Because if we don’t take care of our own people, we can’t expect them to take care of our clients.

Preserving our legacy — and our longevity. You can’t have stability without a plan for when change happens. We’ve already laid the groundwork for leadership succession steps that preserves our financial strength and ensures smooth transitions. We’ll continue this practice so we won’t need (or want) a larger firm to buy us out. We’re here to stay — on our own terms.

Our History

Giveaways: Join Our Celebration!

As we said before, there’s no James Moore without you! So, to show you our thanks, every quarter we’ll be giving one lucky recipient the choice of:

  • A $500 donation in their name to the Muscular Dystrophy Association (or another charity of their choice)
  • A heavy-duty portable power station to keep on running no matter what (just like we do!)

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July 2024: The James Moore Month of Service

Jim Moore often said "Service is the sole purpose of our existence." To honor our founder’s dedication to serving others, we’re celebrating his birth month with initiatives to help the community. Check back here for more information as we get closer to the summer!