Revenue Cycle Enhancement

American medical practices lose $125 billion every year in unpaid and underpaid claims.

Stop the bleeding of lost revenues.

At the heart of your practice is your desire to heal. But a medical practice is also a business that supports you and those who work for you. So it’s important to ensure not only high-quality care for your patients, but a solid financial foundation for your practice as well.

A key to that foundation is your revenue cycle – the administrative and clinical functions that work together to bill and collect the revenue generated by the services you provide to your patients. It involves setting clear payment expectations for your patients, coding procedures accurately, account follow-up, payment posting and more. If this complex combination of processes isn’t streamlined, it can result in denied claims and uncollected patient payments.

So how do you stop the bleeding? By reviewing your processes, finding the gaps and inefficiencies…and fixing them.

Revenue Cycle Enhancement

James Moore adds a new dimension to traditional accounting services with Revenue Cycle Enhancement (RCE) services, our process improvement solutions that focus on increasing your practice’s profitability and performance.

Members of our RCE team are firmly entrenched in the healthcare industry, so they’re well aware of the challenges you  face in maintaining and increasing revenues. They also specialize in blending EHR technology with operational excellence to improve your practice’s revenue cycle performance. By reviewing your situation and providing services that address your practice’s needs, they can help you enhance your net revenue, reduce costs and increase overall efficiency.

Our dedicated focus on revenue cycle enhancement can make a huge impact on your bottom line, resulting in:

  • Increased cash flow

  • Lower bad debt expenses

  • Improved patient satisfaction

  • Reduced operating costs

  • Improved productivity

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Revenue Cycle Enhancement for Physician Practices

The lead physician in a large group practice was concerned that her income was declining, especially when compared with salaries in other industries. The practice hired James Moore for revenue cycle enhancement services – a process improvement solution that examines the administrative and clerical functions that bill and collect the revenue for a medical practice.

Our team analyzed several aspects of the practice’s revenue cycle including patient scheduling, billing, clinical documentation, collections and other procedures. We then outlined and implemented improvements that reduced the amount of money left on the table by gaps in several processes. The results were dramatic; the practice increased profits by 900%

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