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Hi! We’re Ken and Katie, leaders of the James Moore Collegiate Athletics industry team. One thing we love about our work is serving our collegiate athletics clients on campus, where the action happens. And an added perk to our jobs is exploring the college towns we visit, where we get a chance to enjoy regional foods, learn about beloved traditions…and of course, sample the best in local beers.

Aside from being on campus, we also think we do pretty great work at a brewery just around the corner from our office. We thrive on brainstorming over a beer together, batting around new ideas to help the collegiate athletics industry.

We know this information can help you now more than ever. And that’s when it hit us… why not share our big ideas—and a virtual brew—with you?

Introducing News & Brews!

A weekly series of to-the-point videos discussing the latest in collegiate athletics!

In addition to the latest on COVID-19’s impact, we will discuss topics like name image likeness, updates to NCAA financial reporting, telling your financial story and more. We don’t like long videos and promise we won’t take up too much of your time. We’re just excited to share what we see in the industry to help you face your challenges as best as you can.

So join us every Thursday at 4:30 pm Eastern (1:30 pm Pacific) as we have a beer and discuss the latest developments that affect your athletics program! (You can also watch on demand if you’d rather crack open a brew on your own schedule.) It’s part of our firm’s continued commitment to gain new knowledge, build trust and bring value to the business of college athletics.

On Tap This Week

Videos Premiere every Thursday at 4:30pm EST and are available on demand after the premiere.

fans at GA Tech football arena during 1918 spanish flu

News & Brews – COVID-19: Fundraising During a Pandemic

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fans at GA Tech football arena during 1918 spanish flu

News & Brews – COVID-19: Fundraising During a Pandemic

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News & Brews – Financial Voices of California State University Athletics Program

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News & Brews – Telling the Rest of Your Financial Story

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At James Moore, we're passionate about many things. The success of your collegiate athletic department is at the top of that list. That's why we have a team of CPAs and consultants who are experts in your industry. It's our aim to partner with you to find the right solutions that will yield positive results you'll feel for years.

At James Moore, we're dedicated to collegiate athletics. Just like you.

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