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Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grants

We’ll do our work…so you can do yours.

SBIR Grant Accounting, Assurance & Tax Services

Life science incubators, coworking spaces, classroom labs… innovation often comes from humble beginnings. And thanks to small business innovation research (SBIR) grants, it can get the help it needs to grow.

If your startup is focused on technological innovation, SBIR grants can help you get to that next step in your company’s history. An initiative of the Small Business Administration (SBA), SBIR grants help fledgling companies in areas like agriculture, aeronautics, healthcare, defense and education—disciplines known for innovation and development. And sometimes, all it takes is a financial nudge to help spur that growth.

But how do you get started? And how do you manage the SBIR grant accounting, audit and tax of these crucial funds? SBIR grants have rules governing their use and documentation. That’s likely the last thing on your mind… which is why we’re here to help.

We’ll do our work…so you can do yours.

Because SBIR grants don’t need to be repaid and the government doesn’t take an ownership stake in the product, they’re a great way for emerging companies like yours to fund growth. Yet they also require certain systems, policies and procedures to be in place so that funds and activities are managed correctly.

Employee hours need to be accurately tracked. Invoicing should document your incurred expenses to make sure you’re following SBIR rules. These and other needs require a solid accounting system to make sure everything is recorded and you stay in compliance.

Our technology company CPAs have worked extensively with these grants and know the SBIR grant accounting requirements. And here’s the best part—accounting services are covered by SBIR grants, so you don’t incur additional expense to get the expertise you require. It’s never been easier to get help with something so important to your company’s growth!

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SBIR Grant Accounting, Assurance and Tax Services

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