Danielle Towery

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PHR | HR Consultant

"My greatest satisfaction in my work is knowing that I’ve truly helped and made a positive difference for a client." - Danielle Towery

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A dedicated HR professional with over 25 years of experience, Danielle is a passionate advocate for both employees and management. She excels at crafting tailored HR solutions that align with business objectives while enhancing the overall employee experience. She also has a keen understanding of employment laws and regulations and a genuine empathy for people.

Danielle’s expertise as an HR generalist includes recruitment and onboarding, employee relations, benefits and compensation, performance management, training and development, and HR policies and compliance. While she has worked primarily in the nonprofit sector, she also has experience with small and medium-sized for-profit corporations in various industries. Regardless of the industry, Danielle enjoys using her expertise to advise clients in order to foster a positive, compliant and effective workplace.

Industry Expertise

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Bachelor of Science in Administration, Barry University

Fun Facts

Danielle is a Registered Yoga Teacher (YRT).

She loves to travel and explore nature; as she explains it, “It’s eye candy for me."