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Earn your clients’ confidence. 

Demonstrate your commitment to secure controls.

You put your knowledge to work providing auxiliary services to government agencies, healthcare networks, insurance companies and more. While your expertise is valued by these entities, however, they also need reassurance that their sensitive data is protected while it’s in your hands.

Demonstrating that your internal controls and processes are sound and secure goes a long way in earning the trust of your clients. And one of the most recognized ways to do this is through an SOC report.

SOC Reports: The Gold Standard

A SOC report serves as a testament to the integrity of your processes and controls and is widely recognized as a gold standard of assurance. Producing this report requires expertise not only in auditing, but in computer networks and IT systems to produce reports that are thorough and accurate.

James Moore’s CISA-certified auditors take the time to understand how you developed your controls and how they meet your objectives. Our reports go beyond mere check-the-box answers; we provide meaningful feedback that helps you ensure that your internal control framework is sound. They can evaluate systems that impact financial reporting, privacy, confidentiality, security, processing integrity, and availability—it just depends on exactly what you need covered.

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