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NCAA Agreed-Upon

Procedures Services

Because collegiate athletics is big business.

We have served athletic organizations from the following conferences:

NCAA Agreed-Upon Procedures (AUP)

Over 47 million people attended a college football game in 2017.
16 million people tuned into the NCAA men’s basketball final in 2018.
Since 2010, the average compensation for head football coaches in the Autonomy Five conferences has increased by 74.3%.

With the popularity of college sports, today’s athletic departments have become de facto businesses with their own efforts in marketing, student support, community outreach and more. It’s a wider scope of work that also means higher expenditures and increasingly complex operations.

For you, this means bigger challenges with budgeting, managing and increasing revenues, spending those funds responsibly, and most importantly – remaining in compliance with the NCAA.

How do you ensure you remain in compliance so that you can focus on other departmental challenges? By having James Moore perform your annual NCAA Agreed-Upon Procedures engagement.

The Team Behind Your Team!

Our Collegiate Athletics Services team has helped universities from coast to coast in some of the nation’s biggest conferences. With a focus on collegiate athletics, relationships with the NCAA and industry organizations, and up-to-the-minute industry knowledge, we have the expertise that most smaller firms can’t provide.

In an NCAA agreed-upon procedures engagement, we’ll evaluate your Statement of Revenues and Expenses, and your control environment, to make sure they’re in compliance with NCAA bylaws. We can also spot the red flags that catch the NCAA’s attention—a critical aspect in this age of compliance.

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[James Moore] has an expertise in Intercollegiate Athletics and the Agreed-Upon Procedures that is not found when using local firms. This allowed us to choose a firm that is truly qualified to do the work regardless of distance, and we appreciate their ability to serve us in a virtual capacity year-round. Even though they’re located across the country from our campus, we value the relationships we have built with them and the quality service they provide to us.

-Jeff Pritsker, Associate Athletic Director – Business, Sacramento State Athletics

Get to Know the NCAA Agreed-Upon Procedures Leadership Team

Katie Davis, CPA, LSS Certified
Katie Davis, CPA, LSS CertifiedCollegiate Athletics Services Leader
Ken Kurdziel, CPA
Ken Kurdziel, CPAHigher Education Services Leader
Kevin Warren, CPA
Kevin Warren, CPADirector
Brendan McKitrick, CPA, CISA
Brendan McKitrick, CPA, CISAManager

More Than Just Words
See What Our Clients Have To Say

The CPAs at James Moore provide a working relationship that is professional, positive and honest. Their ease of communication and responsiveness to our questions was a reflection that they are never out of reach even though they are located thousands of miles away. They had the expertise to truly understand the concerns and needs we have as an athletic department.

Becky Lucke, Assistant Athletics Director, Finance, University of North Dakota

Our relationship with James Moore goes far beyond a traditional auditor/client model. They provide consistent, honest feedback to us and are a valuable resource. Their understanding of the intercollegiate athletic industry allows us to have meaningful dialogue about issues affecting our organization.

Mike Bobinski, Director of Athletics (former), Georgia Tech

James Moore consistently staff their engagement team with professional, courteous people who have a strong knowledge of intercollegiate athletics. They are a pleasure to work with and provide us with an exceptionally high level of service.

Jeremy Foley, Athletics Director (former), University of Florida

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