Agreed-Upon Procedures

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Hooked on a Feeling…

You’ve known and trusted your employees for a long time. You’re involved with all aspects of your operations and have a solid understanding of how things go. Maybe you’ve even had a thorough financial statement audit that yielded a positive report attesting to the soundness of your financial practices.

And yet… something still keeps you up at night, wondering if everything is truly as it seems.

It’s a completely normal feeling; with so much invested in your organization, any doubt will gnaw at you. So the question isn’t whether to act on it, but how to act on it. Because it never hurts to seek additional reassurance that your house is in order.

Agreed-Upon Procedures for Peace of Mind

James Moore’s agreed-upon procedures engagements provide a more focused alternative to traditional financial statement audit, review and compilation services. Specific items or procedures are selected for close scrutiny after being “agreed upon” by you, your CPA and any appropriate third party (hence the name!). By narrowing the scope of our efforts, we’ll provide a concise report that pinpoints your area of concern.

Agreed-upon procedures can be used in a wide variety of engagements, including:

  • Bank reconciliations

  • Balance sheet account

  • Accounts payable vendors

  • Customer/vendor agreements

  • Sale of a business

  • Fraud investigations

  • Employee expense reimbursements

  • Dependency claimed for health insurance benefits

  • Compliance with grant or government agreements

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