News & Brews Sports Biz: Title IX and the Evolving NIL Landscape

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Important update: Shortly after recording on April 4, 2024, the NCAA NIL Working Group announced that it is refining a proposal to allow schools to offer “assistance and services” for name, image and likeness (NIL) opportunities to student-athletes who disclose their contracts, aiming to encourage transparency and provide support in navigating NIL deals. This initiative is part of broader legislation that includes creating a voluntary registration for NIL professional service providers, a disclosure database for athlete NIL deals of $600 or more, standardized contracts, and an educational plan. Learn more by accessing the announcement.

In this episode of News & Brews Sports Biz, Katie and Ken engage with sports law expert Kelleigh Fagan to explore the complexities of name, image, and likeness (NIL) in collegiate athletics, discussing the impact of Title IX and offering strategic advice for institutional involvement. The conversation spans from Kelleigh’s career insights to the nuances of legal considerations around NIL, culminating in actionable recommendations for universities preparing for these changes. The trio also shares its recent favorite brew choices.

  • Welcome (0:11)
  • Background (0:40)
  • Current Themes in College Sports Law (3:40)
  • Evolution of Institutional Involvement in NIL (6:30)
  • Title IX Impacts on Institutional Involvement (13:02)
  • Title IX Factors on Compensation Types (17:07)
  • Preparing for Institutional Involvement (25:18)
  • Featured Brews (27:07)
  • Wrap up (29:53)

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