Sarah Mather

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CPA | ACS Manager

"I enjoy the relationships we create with business owners. I like learning about their business and how to better help them succeed – it brings me joy to know that what I do matters!" - Sarah Mather

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A CPA with nearly 25 years of experience, Sarah ensures that our clients receive the services they need to help their business flourish. This involves delivering work to them, answering questions, determining whether they need new services or have outgrown existing services, and otherwise maintaining regular contact. She also works to make sure our ACS accountants receive the information they need to provide clients accurate and timely information.

Sarah’s previous work includes serving as a CFO for a website company and owning her own business. Both roles gave her a deep understanding of the growing pains companies face and the importance of good accounting to make crucial decisions. This experience also taught her about managing a team. These skills carry over to her work at James Moore with both her clients and her fellow team members.

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Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Southern Illinois University

Fun Facts

Sarah enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures. In particular, she likes grocery shopping in new places.

She enjoys most things fitness; it’s a good way to get out the negative energy and be with friends.