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A medical practice had an extremely high employee turnover rate that had jumped even higher in recent months. They didn’t know why this was happening; they increased pay but that didn’t seem to help much. A family member of the practice owner was responsible for HR duties before they promoted an employee and assigned the work to her. But neither of them had any human resources expertise. So they weren’t sure how to pinpoint the issues and resolve them.

Since the practice was already a tax client with James Moore, the owners reached out to our HR Solutions team for help.

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We conducted engagement surveys and employee stay/exit interviews to get to the crux of the matter. While pay was indeed some of the cause for high turnover (along with the practice’s stringent PTO policy), it was far from the only issue. Communication was lacking, and leadership often had a different perception of goings-on than the employees did. Changes often happened quickly and without notice, taking employees by surprise and disrupting operations.

After performing market surveys to gauge salaries and paid time off offered by other similar practices, we helped the client adjust pay rates and revamped their PTO policies. We also coached leadership and management on communication methods, such as when/how to inform their employees about change (as well as how to carefully consider changes in the first place to encourage a stable work environment). And we worked with the employee performing HR duties to further develop her skills.

Additionally, we found they weren’t completing federal forms or processing payroll correctly—two violations of employment law (albeit unintentional on their part, as they weren’t aware of these requirements). They also weren’t doing reference checks, which impacted the quality of employees they were hiring. We revamped their hiring process and general HR operations to make sure these issues were fixed promptly.

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Within six months, the practice’s turnover rate went from 25% to 10%, which is below industry averages. The workplace has become less tumultuous, and the quality of employees has increased. The practice has also eliminated its risk of employment law violations (and hefty fines).

We continue to work with the client to address issues as they arise and continue coaching their leadership on proper human resources practices.

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Julie Kniseley

Julie Kniseley, SHRM-SCP

President, HR Solutions

Julie has over 30 years of diverse human resources management experience that spans start-ups to established organizations. She has worked extensively in all facets of human resources including audits and compliance, benefits and compensation, recruiting, employee and labor relations, training and development, and policy design and has experience in both union and non-union environments.

Julie leads the James Moore HR Solutions Consulting team, which provides clients with guidance and solutions to build and improve their HR infrastructure. Clients include start-ups, non-profits, government entities, construction companies, medical practices and more. She is regularly asked to give presentations to various professional organizations.

Julie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Toledo. She is a member of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) and a SHRM Senior Certified Professional.

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