News & Brews Sports Biz: FAU’s Ascension to Prominence During the 2023 Final Four

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Join us on another episode of News & Brews Sports Biz as we explore the historic achievements of the Florida Atlantic University men’s basketball team’s 2023 Final Four run. Hosts Ken Kurdziel, Shane Metzler and Brendan McKitrick are joined by Caroline Kane, senior associate AD for business and finance and CFO for FAU Athletics. Caroline shares insights into the Owls’ remarkable season and its impact on the athletics department and community as a whole. And of course, they discuss their latest brews of choice.

Welcome (0:11)

Caroline’s Career Path and Journey (0:52)

Road to the Final Four (2:57)

Insider’s View – Fan Travel Preparation (5:03)

Capitalizing on the Exposure: The Future (9:01)

Coach Dusty May: WYSIWYG (11:02)

Brews of the Month (12:23)

Wrap up (14:07)

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