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CPA | Partner

"I believe that knowledge is power. Therefore, I educate my clients that if they foresee a possible issue to call me before it occurs. There is a lot we can do beforehand, and it is harder to unravel afterword." - Margo Cook

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A certified public accountant in the state of Florida and a Partner with James Moore, Margo has over 35 years of experience providing tax services to a large number of clients. She serves businesses, individuals, and estates by analyzing and planning for the impact of new tax developments specific to them, as well as resolving IRS issues and compliance filing requirements. Margo is considered an authority on tax matters and has taught classes concerning advanced tax issues for accountants within the firm.

Margo particularly enjoys helping small businesses get started and succeed; her ability to maximize value for her clients is complimented by her skill in assisting with due diligence and strategic planning. Margo educates them on running their business from a bookkeeping and planning standpoint. She also performs a great deal of correspondence with the IRS on her clients’ behalf, helping them with concerns before they become larger issues.

Outside of the firm, Margo is a frequent speaker for community organizations and professional associations, for whom she addresses tax-related topics. She also volunteers as a Reading Pal at Terwillegar Elementary School through the United Way.


Master of Science - Accounting, University of Florida

Bachelor of Science - Accounting, University of Florida

Fun Facts

Margo likes running, strength training and hot yoga classes! She has also started taking piano lessons again.

She loves reality TV shows and college football. Go Gators!

She enjoys spending time with her adult twin children

Her favorite possession is her Theragun!