News & Brews Sports Biz: Hot Topics – Internal Controls & Ticketing

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Join Katie and Ken as they welcome James Moore audit director Brendan McKitrick, CPA and CISA. Together they discuss internal controls and procedures related to ticketing applications within collegiate athletics and the top ways to strengthen and efficiently capitalize on your processes. They also highlight best practices that feature control processes and procedures used by institutions and how to capture the best outcome while implementing specific controls.

0:11 – Welcome

0:42 – Brew Selections

2:55 – Top 3 Ways to Strengthen Internal Controls

5:48 – Top 3 Efficiency Opportunities in Ticket Offices

8:42 – Reviewing Ticket Application SOC 1s

11:53 – User Control Best Practices

14:00 – IT Controls and Internal Operations

16:58 – Transitioning to Mobile Ticketing

20:31 – Wrap-up

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