News & Brews Sports Biz: More Questions than Answers – Flaws in the California Revenue Sharing Bill

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In the latest News and Brews Sports Biz podcast, Katie and Ken highlight the recently tabled California bill on athlete revenue sharing. The duo discusses flaws in the legislation and brings attention to lessons learned that college athletics business officers can contribute to future legislation. The purpose of this episode is not to argue for or against athlete compensation. Instead, it’s to advocate for fair and reasonable definitions of revenue and educate others about some unintended consequences of provisions of this kind of legislation. And as always, they highlight their brew choices of the month.

  • Welcome (0:11)
  • Introduction to California’s College Athlete Protection Act (1:12)
  • Understanding the Degree Completion Funds (3:28)
  • Flaws in the definition of revenue and revenue-sharing formula (5:19)
  • Impacts on provisions for insurance and out-of-pocket medical expenses (12:20)
  • Accountability measures and consequences for making disallowed cuts (16:00)
  • More unanswered questions (18:19)
  • Brews of the month (22:12)
  • Wrap up (23:51)

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