Moore on Manufacturing: Risk Management Issues in the Production Process

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Chris Tolland, Executive Vice President at Foundation Risk Partners, joins Mike and Carrie on this episode of Moore on Manufacturing. The trio discusses common risk management misconceptions and errors as they relate to inventory, manufacturing equipment, and the production of personal protective equipment (PPE). They also talk about insurance implications and compare several aspects, including equipment breakdown coverage vs. property coverage, selling price vs. replacement cost, and contents coverage vs. stock throughput coverage.

00:10 – Welcome & introductions
00:27 – Risk or misses on insurance coverage for manufacturers
05:52 – How do manufacturers identify what is, or is not, in their current policy
07:45 – Brainstorming coverage and risk strategies
13:55 – Manufacturing in the new pandemic world
17:32 – How often should manufacturer meet with their brokers
19:18 – Stock throughput coverage
21:51 – Wrap up

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