Excel Tips and Tricks That Maximize Productivity

Between reports, financial calculations and other data-heavy efforts, many professionals work regularly with Microsoft Excel. Indeed, as accountants we spend nearly 95% of our time in this program. And with good reason; its robust capabilities make it an essential tool when managing, analyzing and presenting data.

It can also be frustrating when Excel doesn’t work quite the way you think it will. We’ve all been there—a simple calculation takes so much longer than you think it should, or you’ve misplaced that scrap of paper on which you know you wrote the formula you need. These and other issues can take precious time away from more urgent matters.

That’s why we’ve made it a regular practice to hold our Excel Tips and Tricks webinar series. A favorite at the College Athletic Business Management Association (CABMA) conferences, these sessions cover a multitude of formulas and hotkeys. Our goal is to help users become more efficient and effective when navigating and creating Excel spreadsheets.

We’re happy to share these workshops with you here! Our beginner/intermediate training focuses on increasing efficiency when using Excel. Our advanced session dives deeper into the formulas and how to best use them. We’ve also included links to the workbooks and cheat sheet to follow along and use as a handy reference tool.

While it’s helpful to enhance your Excel knowledge, we know it doesn’t solve all the challenges you face. So we invite you to connect with us about other ways we can help your organization. From NIL legislation tracking to updates on the latest industry issues, higher education and collegiate athletics CPAs continuously find new ways to serve you.

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