News & Brews – Name, Image & Likeness

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Your student-athletes are preparing for major changes as name, image and likeness (NIL) develops. Amidst the overhanging COVID-19 cloud, NIL legislation is advancing. The time has come for you to develop a cohesive plan that prepares and protects your institution and student-athletes.

Joining Ken and Katie today is Justin Sievert, sports attorney with Vela Wood. They’ll be discussing the legal and financial risks of NIL, focusing on the issues you’re probably not thinking about right now. And of course, they’ll also share their brew of the month.

00:10 – Welcome and Introductions

01:00 – Justin’s Leadership Bio

02:03 – Top Legal Impacts of Name, Image & Likeness

05:03 – Top Financial Impacts of Name, Image & Likeness

08:28 – Name, Image & Likeness and Title IX

11:56 – Name, Image & Likeness and State Income Taxes

15:52 – Name, Image & Likeness and Agents

18:36 – Preparing for Financial Risks

20:47 – Preparing for Legal Risks

27:32 – Brews of the Month

28:43 – Wrap-Up

For resources mentioned in this episode, check out the James Moore NIL tracker and the Vela Wood NIL tracker.