Priya Hiraga

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MBA | Director of Firm Human Resources

"I always come from a place of ‘yes.’ I work really hard to find solutions instead of saying a flat no." - Priya Hiraga

With over 20 years of experience in all areas of human resources, Priya leads our firm’s internal HR team. She is responsible for guiding and managing internal HR policies and programs, including internal recruiting/staffing needs, performance management, employment/ and regulatory compliance, policy development, and compensation and benefits administration. She also works with James Moore’s leadership to accomplish strategic alignment of the HR function to the firm’s goals.

Before arriving at James Moore, Priya spent over a decade in the healthcare industry. This has driven her passion for outcomes-based data, which she applies to human resources concepts to better serve the firm.


Master of Business Administration, Florida State University

Bachelor of Science in Political Science, Florida State University

Fun Facts

A fitness enthusiast, Priya has taken 1,800 Pure Barre classes and likes signing up for races, including marathons (although she regrets these once training starts).

She also loves airports and the notion of people traveling worldwide from one building (plus the people watching!).

Priya hates roller coasters but will ride nearly any coaster at least once—to confirm the fact that she hates roller coasters.