Melissa Lingo

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Business Development Associate

"I enjoy creating new relationships and find it inspiring to engage with forward thinkers, visionaries and go-getters!" - Melissa Lingo

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Melissa is often the first face and/or voice our potential clients meet at James Moore. She develops that initial relationship, assesses their business and financial situation, and connects them with the services and personnel best suited to their needs.

Melissa has had a 25-year career in business development and sales. While she has helped clients across various industries, her skills are particularly noteworthy when it comes to working with construction companies. During her tenure at AdventHealth Centra Care, she collaborated with construction firms to provide them with customized occupational health and workers comp services in the Volusia/Flagler market. This experience, coupled with her other achievements, has made her an invaluable addition to the James Moore team.

Industry Expertise

No leadership positions


Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, University of Pittsburgh

Fun Facts

Melissa’s passion for bringing joy to others through sales started when she sold her first box of Girl Scout cookies to her neighbor. She then knocked on every door in her neighborhood — earning her a cool high sales badge to add to her sash.

In her leisure time she enjoys fishing, snow sports, biking, adventures on land and sea, and whipping up creative meals and beverages using fresh ingredients from her garden.

Melissa is also a certified sommelier.