Amber Waingrow

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Client Relationship Manager

"I get such satisfaction out of relieving a client’s stress and assuring them we’ll take care of them. There’s no better feeling then knowing I was able to turn someone’s day completely around." - Amber Waingrow

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Amber’s primary responsibility is building, maintaining and strengthening lasting relationships with clients. She ensures their satisfaction with our services, helps them overcoming challenges, and reaches out to them regularly to fully understand their goals and see how our firm can assist in reaching them. She also manages client accounts (accounts receivable, billing, adding/removing services, etc.) and collaborates with internal teammates to see how services can be improved.

With nearly 10 years of experience in the accounting industry, Amber brings plenty of expertise to the table. She particularly enjoys helping new businesses in the start-up process. Her ability to listen to clients and truly understand what they need is a great asset to her role.


Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Rasmussen College

Fun Facts

Amber is the proud mom of three children, a son and two daughters.

She and her kids enjoy school sports, spending time at the beach and parks, fishing and traveling.