3 Habits of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs develop good habits that help them achieve greatness in all areas of their business and personal life. A habit is, by definition, an automatic behavior. By developing more habits they minimize day-to-day choices and maximize their time and energy for high-impact decisions that drive business development and strategy. Although successful entrepreneurs adopt numerous appreciable habits, following is a short list of 3 good habits:

1. They set goals at every level!

Highly effective entrepreneurs know where they want to go and have a plan to get there. Research has shown that when a person sets goals and documents them in writing, they are more likely to achieve them. Start with short-term goals and work your way up to long-term. Go out and buy a journal today and start listing out your goals and then systematically measure your progress. Or, download an app to document and track your progress. Check out these apps and programs:

Stickk (developed by Yale University)

Goals on Track




Habit List

2. They are visible to their employees

Highly effective entrepreneurs know that they rely on the support of their staff to be successful. A staff room cannot emulate the strong work ethic of their leader if they hardly see him/her. Make it a priority to have regular staff meetings where you go over the goals of the company and the progress made so far. Staff want to feel like they’re part of the cause.

3. Build relationships wherever possible

Sometimes in business it’s not what you know but who you know. Highly effective entrepreneurs know that relationships are the key to getting an idea off the ground. Relationships today can turn into potential investors tomorrow. Schedule regular outings with staff, mentors and peers to strengthen relationships and expand your network. Also, get involved with industry groups and find opportunities to network with other entrepreneurs in-person and online.