News & Brews Sports Biz: Talking NIL with Kristi Dosh

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July 2021 is one of the most impactful months in collegiate athletics history as the rules are changing to allow student-athletes to, for the first time, legally profit from their name, image, and likeness. This month, we dive into some of the lesser talked about issues surrounding NIL in a three-part series. Join us as we chat with our special guests about important financial issues that may not be front of mind.

Katie chats one-on-one with Kristi Dosh, nationally-recognized sports business analyst, freelance writer, and founder of Katie and Kristi share a brew as they talk about the market of social media influencing, NIL in the NAIA, potential unintended consequences of NIL, and hot topics as student-athletes first emerge into an NIL landscape.

00:11 – Welcome

01:00 – Brew Selections

02:18 – Early Thoughts on NIL Launch

06:43 – The Market of Social Media Influencing

20:06 – NAIA NIL Experience and Lessons Learned

26:28 – Potential Unintended Consequences of NIL

38:19 – Currently Happening on July 1, 2021

42:45 – NIL Resources

43:31 – Wrap-up

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