News & Brews Sports Biz: Hot Topics – Fall 2021

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Ahh, the excitement of a new school year! Join Katie and Ken as they welcome the start of the fall semester. In our August podcast episode, they continue to advocate for the financial voices in college athletics as they share a brew and their perspectives on current hot topics in the industry.

Programming Note: Effective this month, we’ve moved to a podcast-only format. Never fear, however—we’ll still have the same up-to-the-minute topics and insightful guests bringing you the latest in collegiate athletics!

  • Welcome (0:11)
  • Brew Selections (0:53)
  • Topic 1: NIL (2:25)
  • Topic 2: Alston Case (8:30)
  • Topic 3: Conference realignment (18:40)
  • Topic 4: COVID Vaccines/Delta (27:50)
  • Topic 5: Being back on campus (34:05)
  • Wrap-up (36:15)

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