News & Brews Sports Biz: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency With CampusGuard’s Ruth Harpool

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On this episode of News & Brews Sports Biz, Katie and Ken welcome Ruth Harpool, Payment Services Advisor at CampusGuard.

Ruth shares her knowledge on blockchain and cryptocurrency around the higher education industry. She discusses why it’s so important to start learning about it now and when it makes sense to begin utilizing cryptocurrency as a form of payment. The trio discusses market volatility and other risks around this cryptocurrency and opportunities to shape the supporting technology as it is being developed. And as always, they chat about their current brews of choice.

Welcome (0:11)

Digital Assets: Why You Should Start Learning Now (2:00)

Cryptocurrency in Higher Ed: Key Insights You Need to Know (3:45)

When it Makes Sense to Start (7:10)

Market Volatility Risks & Opportunities (17:36)

Opportunities to Shape Supporting Technologies (24:44)

Brews of the Month (30:07)

Episode Wrap-Up (33:05)

Follow Up Discussion about Current Accounting and Tax Guidance (34:50)

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