What is HR Outsourcing? An Overview of HR Subscription Services

For many organizations, handling HR in house can be challenging due to limited resources, expertise or time. Outsourcing your business’s HR needs can provide immense value, offering expertise, efficiency and peace of mind.

James Moore HR Solutions team provides a comprehensive suite of HR subscription services designed to meet these challenges head on. This article provides an overview of what you can expect from each subscription type, highlighting how they can help your organization thrive.

What is an HR Subscription Service?

An HR subscription service is a type of HR outsourcing in which businesses pay a monthly fee to access an agreed-upon suite of HR services.

Unlike traditional HR consulting, which might be project based or involve ad-hoc support, an HR subscription offers continuous, personalized assistance from an experienced HR leader who understands your organization deeply.

This approach differs from tech-based HR solutions, which often rely on software to automate HR tasks. While technology can be beneficial, it lacks the human touch and personalized insight that comes from a dedicated HR professional.

Additionally, HR subscriptions are distinct from professional employer organizations (PEOs), which co-employ your workforce and handle all HR functions.

With James Moore’s HR subscription services, you retain control over your employees while benefiting from expert HR support.

The benefits of HR subscription services are significant. Organizations gain access to:

  • Experienced HR leaders
  • Personalized guidance aligned with best practices
  • Predictable costs
  • A solution tailored to the organization’s unique needs

HR Subscription Services: What to Expect

James Moore HR Solutions offers three tiers of HR subscription services, each customizable to the client’s unique requirements. These tiers ensure that whether you need minimal guidance or comprehensive HR management, there’s a suitable option for your business.

On-Call HR

On-Call HR is our entry-level HR subscription tier. It’s designed for businesses that already have some HR capabilities but need occasional expert advice and resources. ON-Call HR includes an hour of monthly consultation time and access to a portal filled with valuable content, templates, sample policies and more.

Imagine a mid-sized company with an HR manager who is well versed in daily operations. But they occasionally need guidance on complex issues like employee relations or policy development. With On-Call HR, that manager can reach out to James Moore and quickly get expert advice, ensuring even the trickiest HR challenges are handled effectively without committing to a large outsourced HR package.

This package is ideal for those who do not need support for day-to-day HR operations but need occasional guidance on specific issues. This might include questions about compliance, best practices or specific HR initiatives that fall outside routine tasks.

Optimize HR

The Optimize HR tier provides you with a fractional chief human resources officer (CHRO). In other words, you can bolster your existing HR program with high-level guidance and support through services such as:

  • Policy development
  • Employee relations issues
  • Employee communications
  • Benefits and compensation strategy
  • Compliance issues

This package does not include day-to-day HR management, so it’s ideal for organizations that have this work covered but lack the strategic leadership of a full-time, in-house CHRO. That might include businesses undergoing transitions, experiencing growth or facing complex HR challenges.

For example, a small to midsize business without an in-house HR leader might need external support to assist internal staff who handle the day-to-day HR functions. But it doesn’t have the depth of experience in all facets of HR that is needed. Fractional HR support can fill in those knowledge gaps, work on developing standard operating procedures, develop succession plans, or manage employee relations during a critical growth period.

Offload HR

Offload HR is a comprehensive HR outsourcing package that covers the majority of day-to-day HR functions. From recruitment and onboarding to benefits administration and offboarding, this service handles many elements of HR management.

It’s a good fit for businesses that lack in-house HR capabilities or find their existing HR resources overwhelmed by administrative tasks. Offload HR is our most extensive package, essentially functioning as an outsourced HR department for your business.

Build Your Outsourced HR Subscription Package with James Moore Today

Investing in HR outsourcing ensures you have the expertise and support necessary to provide compliant, high-quality human resources services to your employees. And by relieving some of the management burden through strategic guidance or hands-on support, your leaders get more time to focus on what they do best — growing your business.

Outsourcing your HR to James Moore provides you with tailored, expert support that helps your organization thrive. Whether you need occasional advice, strategic leadership or comprehensive HR management, the right subscription service can be customized to meet your HR department’s unique needs.

Contact James Moore HR Solutions today to learn more about how their HR subscription services can benefit your organization.


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