How are you handling the all-you-can-eat construction buffet?

The recent increase in work for contractors, construction companies and engineering firms means that they often have more projects than they can handle. Demand is high for new homes, new developments, new retail and office space … new everything.  

Higher production also means there’s more to keep up with – having enough skilled labor for your projects, tracking your expenditures on multiple levels, securing adequate financing or bonding to get the jobs you want, and making sure you have enough cash flow to take on new jobs and perform the work you already have. To make things more complex, all of these challenges will eventually shift again as the economic cycle runs its inevitable (and perpetual) course.

The fluctuating nature of the construction business means that you need an accounting firm that adjusts with the ebb and flow of your industry – one that knows the unique issues you face in both good and bad times, and one that has the experience and resources to ensure your plans can handle whatever comes your way.   

This is why construction and engineering firms have trusted James Moore for over 50 years with everything from basic accounting to transition planning.  We help contractors create, grow, protect and ultimately sell their business.  Our Construction Services Team works almost exclusively with firms in the industry, giving them in-depth knowledge of your business/operational, tax planning, accounting, and reporting needs. We are also able to help you with technology consulting, Lean Six Sigma and human resources consulting, because we’re more than just an accounting firm; we’re your full-service advisor for every aspect of running your business.  Our services include: 

* Financial Statement Audits, Compilations & Reviews
* Corporate & Individual Income Tax Planning & Compliance
* Bonding & Surety Support
* Mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures
* Owner transition planning, including sale to an outside third party or transitioning the business to insiders
* Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement
* Business Planning & Strategy
* Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Retirement Planning & Administration
* QuickBooks Consulting & Support
* Computer Network Support & Technology Consulting
* Outsource Accounting Solutions, CFO Solutions
* Fraud Investigations

Our Team Serving Your Team

The professionals on our Construction Services Team have dedicated their efforts to serving general contractors, subcontractors, engineering firms, architects and other entities in the building industry. In addition to providing accounting and consulting services, they regularly contribute to the knowledge of the industry by authoring articles and giving presentations. These team members are also are actively involved in a wide range of national and regional industry associations, including:

  • Construction Financial Management Association
  • Construction Industry CPAs/Consultants Association
  • Associated Builders and Contractors
  • Builders Association of North Central Florida
  • Tallahassee Builders’ Association
  • Florida Surety Association
  • Volusia Building Industry Association

Resources for You:

We have provided general contractors with a Subcontractor Financial Statement Evaluation Decision Tool  to help them determine if hiring a subcontractor is a financially stable decision. We have also provided a Personal Financial Statement Template  to help you track your assets, liabilities, securities, investments, and other items affecting your financial condition. 

We invite you to put our resources, industry knowledge,
and technical skills to work for you to achieve your financial objectives.