Are You Ready for the Resurgence of Manufacturing?

After years of economic uncertainty, manufacturing is on the rise – a trend that is forecast to continue in the coming years. Businesses and consumers are spending more, resulting in higher demands for manufacturing companies to fill. 

While all of this is good news, it brings on more challenges for you and others in your industry. Shortages in skilled labor limit your capacity, making it difficult to keep up with market demands. You struggle to make sense of IRS requirements and business regulations and wonder where to begin when it comes to money-saving strategies.

You have tremendous investments to make on new and existing equipment, expansion, raw materials, hiring, and developing your organization’s future leaders. And compliance with environmental and other regulations you face takes its toll, both operationally and financially.

Having a CPA firm that understands these hurdles to your success is the best way to overcome them. At James Moore, we have a dedicated Manufacturing Services Team that is tuned in to the unique needs of your industry. With our knowledge of and involvement in your industry, we can help you with cash flow planning, tax credit research, budgeting, revenue projections, operational improvements, regulatory compliance, major purchases and human resources issues.

Some of our services include:

Our Team Serving Your Team

The members of our Manufacturing Services Team dedicate their time and energy to serving the makers of machinery, textiles, food, technology and more. By staying active with organizations like the Volusia Manufacturing Association (VMA) and the Advanced Manufacturing Council, these professionals are always informed about changes in tax incentives, regulations and other issues facing your industry. Because our goal isn’t just to look at numbers and enter them on a form; we dig deep into your operations and understand them to provide you with real and effective solutions.