Don’t Leave Money on the Table

The value you receive in a practice transition depends on what’s happened over many years prior to the actual event. How well have you managed the revenue cycle and accounting? Does technology need to be updated? Are staffing and HR smooth and problem-free? What is the practice’s long-term profitability, historically and projected?

Addressing all of the issues that impact transition value can’t be done overnight. Rather, it’s a process – an accumulation of smaller decisions that position you and your practice to make the most of this moment… or not. 

Whether you’re selling, merging or expanding, it’s not just about negotiating the right price or choosing the right partner. A successful practice transition involves countless logistical details, and the way you handle these seemingly minor issues can have an outsized impact on how smoothly or disruptively the transition unfolds. 

Don’t risk leaving money on the table or leaving the practice vulnerable at a moment like this. James Moore knows how to help you and your practice prepare for transitions, so that you can experience the best possible outcome and the least disruption. That’s just one of the reasons why so many dentists think of our team as the pain-free Dental CPAs.