Tyler Hayes

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"Being able to extract value from data is probably what gets me the most excited about my work. Knowing there’s latent value waiting to be found makes this industry compelling." - Tyler Hayes

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A data professional with nearly 10 years of experience, Tyler develops analytics tools used to drive actionable change—from building out data repositories for analysis to dashboarding and delivering those insights to stakeholders. His focus at James Moore is on the development and presentation of dashboards and building predictive machine learning models.

Tyler’s introduction to the BI/analytics industry came while working directly with business clients at another company. The firsthand perspective he received at how analytics can revolutionize and transform business operations gave him a passion for developing these tools for companies that can’t do so internally.


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Bachelor of Science in Management of Information Systems, Florida State University

Fun Facts

Tyler loves movies (all genres!) and watches as many as 40 films each month.

His vocation is also his passion—he’s working on a master’s degree in data science and enjoys educating himself on machine learning.