The Latest on Tax Refund Delays

If you feel like your 2020 tax refund is taking longer than in previous years, you’re probably right. A perfect storm of pandemic shutdowns, stimulus payments, tax credits and other factors have created unprecedented backlogs in work for the IRS. Combine that with the usual holdups like errors or incomplete returns and you have a bottleneck for the ages—right when you need your refund the most.

Thankfully, CNET has published a terrific article on exactly what’s happening and what you can do in the meantime. While there’s little that can speed things up right now, they’ve explained the situation and how you can tell whether your holdup is due to the present circumstances or something you’ll need to address. You’ll also read about online and mobile app resources for tracking your refund and other helpful information.

You can read the CNET article here. We also recommend you check the IRS website for answers to frequently asked questions during tax season. And as always, contact our tax professionals if you need additional help.

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