News & Brews Sports Biz: Transforming Financial Data for Decision Making

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Joining Katie and Ken today is Marie Hibbert, our James Moore colleague and Director of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics.

We are going to dive into a pain point for many in collegiate athletics, which is financial reporting. We know it’s difficult to cross walk your general ledger to the financial model required for EADA and NCAA reporting. While Excel is a powerful tool many of you use, it may not be enough.

The time you spend collecting, organizing and cleaning up your financial information could be better utilized by gaining valuable business insights that drive organizational change. Join us as we explore taking your data beyond Excel—from wrangling your data in a repeatable fashion to gaining insights.

00:10 – Welcome and Introductions

00:40 – Athletics Business Offices Need Help

02:39 – What is Data Wrangling?

03:47 – Identifying Key Metrics That Are Relevant

05:37 – How to Tell a Story with Your Data

09:36 – Using Data to Make Key Business Decisions and Drive Organizational Change

20:10 – Brews of the Month & Wrap-up

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