Moore on Manufacturing: How Transition Planning Can Help Your Business Now!

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Heather Parbst, Director of Transition Planning with Velocity Advisory Group, will help businesses understand what transition and exit planning is. Along with James Moore partner Mike Sibley and director Carrie Boynton, she’ll discuss common missteps made in the process, drivers that increase business value and how focusing on them can add more profitability now!

00:10 – Welcome & introductions
00:54 – What is transition and exit planning?
03:05 – Common mistakes business owners make as they get ready to sell their business
05:01 – Different avenues to take when transitioning
06:29 – Some things Heather Parbst learned when selling her prior business
10:12 – Value drivers business owners should focus on
11:15 – Owner independence during and beyond transitioning
12:59 – Other important value drivers
17:15 – Which value driver do businesses overlook the most?
18:30 – Wrap-up

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