Moore on Manufacturing: Employee Engagement and Retention Strategies

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Back in January, we talked with the VMA about the difficulty of recruiting and finding workers. Today’s episode continues the human resources discussion with the challenges of employee retention. Joining Mike and Carrie is Julie Kniseley, Director of James Moore’s HR Solutions. Together they’ll talk about what retention and engagement mean, what causes issues on those fronts, how to know if your employees are engaged, and what you can do to improve your company’s performance in these areas.

00:10 – Welcome & introductions
00:25 – Who’s dealing with labor shortages?
03:50 – What does employee engagement and retention mean?
05:38 – How does an employer determine the level of engagement with its employees?
07:48 – How does a company add value to its employees?
10:53 – Who should be talking to employees?
15:25 – What can manufacturers do to improve engagement and retention?
19:43 – How does a company get investment and commitment from the younger generations?
23:43 – Wrap-up

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