News & Brews: Authentic Leadership with Notre Dame’s Mario Morris

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Joining Katie and Ken today is Mario Morris, the University of Notre Dame’s Deputy Athletics Director & CFO for Business Operations. The trio discusses the emphasis on creating authentic relationships across campus while improving business practices within collegiate athletics. They also chat about lessons learned and experience gained during the COVID pandemic and highlight the ever-growing landscape of name, image and likeness (NIL).

00:10 – Welcome and Introductions

00:42 – Breaking into and Succeeding in Collegiate Athletics

02:50 – Building Authentic Relationships Across Campus

04:43 – What Keeps Mario Up at Night?

05:28 – Improvements of Business Practices

09:18 – Name, Image & Likeness

15:06 – Lessons Learned During COVID

18:37 – Brews of the Month & Wrap-up

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