News & Brews Sports Biz: Hot Topics According to ChatGPT

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Today on News & Brews Sports Biz, Katie and Ken go unconventional as they welcome popular AI language model, ChatGPT, to share some of its (technology-driven) insights into the world of college athletics!

Throughout the conversation, our hosts and ChatGPT—voiced by James Moore’s Shane Metzler—exchange witty banter and humorous observations, providing a unique perspective on this exciting and ever-evolving industry. And as always, they discuss their brews of the month!

Welcome (0:11)

The Business of College Sports According to ChatGPT (1:13)

Coaching Contract Renegotiations According to ChatGPT (3:25)

Handling Unreasonable Travel Requests According to ChatGPT (6:55)

Pets in the Workplace According to ChatGPT (8:20)

Evaluating Our Multi-Media Rights Contract According to ChatGPT (10:24)

Ode to UConn Basketball According to ChatGPT (13:33)

Brews of Choice (15:36)

Wrap up (19:44)

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