News & Brews – The Collegiate Coaching Diversity Pledge

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Currently, more than 50 athletics directors have opted in to the Collegiate Coaching Diversity Pledge (CCDP), a movement to bring equity to the hiring of head coaches. We’re continuing to spread the word about the importance of the project—not only to promote the mission of diversity and inclusion in collegiate athletics, but also to point out some financial benefits that will result from widening the pool of qualified head coaching candidates.

Joining Ken and Katie today is Jason Belzer, founder of AthleticDirectorU, the organization sponsoring the CCDP. We’ll discuss how the pledge came to be and the vision for it going forward. Katie will also share more information about James Moore’s role as third-party clearinghouse and what financial leaders can do to help promote the pledge. And of course, they’ll share their brews of the month.

00:10 – Welcome and Introductions

00:50 – Jason Belzer’s Leadership Bio & The Collegiate Coaching Diversity Pledge

03:35 – How Collegiate Coaching Diversity Pledge Differs from Rooney Rule

05:31 – James Moore’s Role as Third-Party Clearinghouse

07:55 – Impact of COVID-19 on the Collegiate Coaching Diversity Pledge and How ADs Can Sign Up

10:38 – Financial Impact of Increased Diversity

13:05 – Brews of the Month

14:42 – Wrap-Up