Making Planning Pain Free & Productive for Your Nonprofit

Nationwide, 25% of nonprofits don’t plan for their fundraising activities. If organizations are not planning for fundraisers, they’ll likely not create strategic plans and financial plans. Why don’t they plan? Although they understand the benefits of planning, organizations often just don’t do it, claiming:

  • “We don’t have time.”
  • “We did a plan five years ago and haven’t looked at it since.”

Yet, despite these claims, effective strategic planning offers the following benefits for organizations:

  • Identifies strategies for a nonprofit to achieve its mission
  • Establishes a commitment to measurable goals
  • Determines priorities for implementation
  • Increases fundraising dollars
  • Reduces expenses
  • Increases productivity

And the list goes on. So, if you can’t make time for planning, how important is your mission?

Tune in to this free webinar recording as we provide you with 5 action steps to help increase your organization’s fundraising dollars and further the success of your mission!

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